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Cold & Flu Emergency Protocol

Emergency Cold + Flu Protocol

As you are probably aware, due to personal experience, knowing someone who has suffered, or watching the news or reading the paper, our Flu season has begun. It has really ramped up in the past couple of weeks with a dramatic spike in the number of new infections, most of which so far are very strong. 

This year’s primary flu strain is the H3N2, which is the most virulent of the strains, produces the worst flu seasons, and is the strain, which the flu vaccine is least effective. 

In my Nov. Newsletter, I wrote: Warning #1 regarding Flu Season!  Australia, whose flu season precedes ours each year and whose statistics tend to show what we are in for, has had a very bad flu season.  Statistically, they are reporting 2.5x’s the average number of flu cases and almost the same increase in deaths related to the flu.  Additionally, they are reporting that the current flu vaccine, which is the same vaccine we get, is having a poor response.  As predicted it appears that is the case and the additional oddity is that our flu season has come early.  

I have seen a couple patients who came to me when their flu came back a second time. Both were very sick, with fevers, chills, body aches, nasty coughs and severe fatigue.  Luckily, even though they had waited too long, once we got them on a special protocol, they began to notice changes day by day, making steady progress.  

As with all infections, the key is to be prepared.  You have two options if you want to take maximum steps to reduce your risk of getting sick. 1) Start our Infection Prevention Protocol as listed below, which is upgraded for this specific flu.   2) If you are not going to take that extra precaution, be sure to have the Flu Protocol (see below) on hand so you can start it at the very first sign of any symptoms. 

Beware! At times the first symptom is not obviously an infection and if you are not careful you might delay your start.  The common symptom that shows up and can trick you is fatigue.  If you have fatigue and it seems unusual, get right on the full Flu Protocol.  At times this fatigue follows a good night sleep and in spite of the good sleep, you feel you could sleep more. This is a Big Red Flag!

For this Flu, the Prevention Protocol is different, as I have treated enough of these to figure out what is working best.  

Important Note: for infants and children, please be sure to read the article lower down in our newsletter on New Kids Immune Protocols. 

Flu Prevention Protocol: 
•    Humacel: 2 upon arising
•    Silvercillin: 1 Tbl upon arising or right before breakfast (swish, gargle and swallow). 
•    Immune Balancing Complex: 3 at breakfast. 

If you come down with this flu, get right on our Complete Protocol:
•    Humacel: 3 upon arising and before bed
•    Silvercillin: 1 Tbl (swish, gargle deeply, swallow), upon arising and before bed.
•    Immune Balancing Complex: 3 with breakfast, lunch and dinner. (9 total)
•    ProBioMax IG26: 2 with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (6 total)

Those who are prepared and jump into action at the first sign of an infection have a much better chance of keeping this from being a full-blown, nasty ordeal. The key to this kind of success is to be prepared!  That means having the above products on hand to start taking at the first sign of an infection.  Other than starting the Prevention Program, this is the most important step you can take to minimize the chances of any infection really setting you back.

Warning #2!  Do not stop your Cold or Flu protocol prematurely.  Oftentimes when you get on top of an infection right away, you can feel like you are all better within a few days.  However, even though you have no symptoms, the bugs are still hanging around; it’s just that your immune system is winning the battle.  Stopping your protocol too soon can allow the infection to come back with a vengeance and often the second round is harder than the first to get on top of.  So, continue your protocol for at least 2 weeks of being symptom-free before stopping it.

One additional tool:  For those who want to use every possible approach to decreasing your risk of infection, we have had great success using our PEMF system to boost the immune system and stop infections in record time.  I do this as soon as I feel the first sign of any infection and combined with my protocol, have so far stopped all infections within one day.  Just call the clinic and let them know you have an infection and want to get in for PEMF!

If you have any questions regarding the above, or if you get an infection and want to know if there is more you can or need to do, please either call for an appointment right away, or email me your question.