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Humacel: The Best Immune Support for Infection Season

What is Humacel?

Humacel is a proprietary formulation of standardized extracts of humic and fulvic acids, ubiquitous materials that arise from natural processes such as prolonged biochemical degradation or plant residues.  These substances, found in soils, sediments, and water, are known to provide broad-spectrum immune support.  The first “Western” scientific study of humic acid was reported in 1786, however, these compounds have been used in “Eastern” medicinal practice for far longer.

Humacel and Viruses

Viruses are extremely small organisms that can easily get inside cells, where they use the cells’ machinery to feed, replicate and spread to other cells. In order to get inside the host cell, a virus must attach, or “fuse”, to the cellular membrane, allowing it to inject its genome into the cell.  Viruses contain a receptor-binding protein that keeps them attached to the host cell.  This protein encapsulates the virus and makes it resistant to attacks from the immune system. 

The compounds in Humacel inhibit viral attachment to target host cells by blocking glycoproteins (the “sticky” binding sites) on virus surfaces.  The entire process of attachment to a host cell is interrupted, thereby arresting viral replication.  This process also sends a signal to the immune system alerting it of the invader.  This kicks the immune system into action against the virus that has been laid vulnerable by this coating.

Humacel Scientific Research

The compounds in Humacel have been extensively studied and have proven to be effective in the inhibition of numerous viruses, including; coxsackie A9, influenza A, influenza B, herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2, HIV type 1 and 2, cytomegalovirus, Bbstein Barr virus, vaccinia virus, SARS, H5N1, H1N1, hepatitis C and others.

One study found fulvic acids capable of rendering vaccinia virus, HIV and SARS virus non-infectious, while another demonstrated fulvic acid’s ability to inactivate genetically diverse strains of influenza, including H5N1.

Medical studies show that difficult respiratory illnesses common in children are readily resolved with Humacel dietary supplementation.  With results like these, Humacel would be a worthy addition to a dietary regime during flu season.

To further illustrate the incredible effectiveness of Humacel, I have included the results of two clinical studies below.

“Hospital studies have shown that patients with normally incurable epidemic Hermorrhagic fever were able to be successfully treated with humic extracts, which stopped bleeding, restored circulation, removed clots, was anti-viral, and significantly bolstered and regulated the immune system.”

“Extensive hospital eye clinic studies using humic extracts showed 100% success in curing eye diseases caused by virus, bacteria, or fungus, also healing ulcerous wounds, relieving inflammation, and stopping hemorrhaging, without side effects.

Patient Experiences

Common Cold:  Recurrent colds with frequent business travel have completely stopped with daily use of Humacel.

Influenza:  Began taking Humacel at the onset of a severe flu.  Symptoms were relieved in 24 hours and had completely resolved in 48 hours.

Shingles:  Began taking Humacel 1/day for prevention, now flare-ups are more mild and only last one day instead of a week as they normally would.

Hepatitis C:  Significant reduction of symptoms, especially energy, and drastic reduction of viral counts.

EBV/Mono:  Chronic and recurrent cold/flu infections following diagnosis of mono 15 years prior, after 4 months of Humacel they “feel better than they have in 15 years.”

HSV I:  Taking just one capsule per day, they have gone from 1 flare-up per month to none in more than 6 months.

HSV II:  Would get cold sores every month or 2, currently 8 months cold sore free since starting Humacel.