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Nutrition for Life

As you probably already know, nutrition is a very important component of your health and a specialty of our wellness work with patients. Unfortunately, there is a vast amount of nutritional information that is misleading and inaccurate, usually based on poor principles and heavy marketing. Often this material is promoted by sources that have very little knowledge, education or understanding about this subject. Most concerning, this misinformation can be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

Most patients, and for that matter many doctors, are quite unaware of the vast array of poor quality nutritional products on the market today, as well as the many complications that can result from these products. In fact, most of the nutritional supplements consumed in America today have synthetic nutrients in them, even many of those that are labeled “natural.” I call this “The Quality Issue.” We have vitamins that are the byproduct of the manufacture of camera film (yes, camera film), coal tar, and oils that contain toxic heavy metals. Most of the calcium products on the market today are made by large pharmacies, and are the result of mixing together a number of chemicals and minerals. Many of the herbs sold today are of a quality that is significantly below that used in the original research. Additionally, there are ingredients present in some nutritional products and over the counter medications that are not listed on the label and, at times, these ingredients can be very harmful to the body. These synthetic products contribute an additional load to the already immense burden on our cells from synthetic foods, environmental chemicals and synthetic drugs.

At the same time, our need for supplemental nutrition is greater today than ever before. This is due to environmental pollution, high levels of stress, and our consumption of synthetic foods and the chemicals found in them. Each of these factors increases our body’s needs for a vast array of high quality nutrients. Complicating this further, our food chain is more depleted of nutrients than ever before. To put it simply, we are getting fewer nutrients than ever before, when what we need is more nutrients than ever before!

Our cells were designed to function optimally on a very high level of nutrients, all coming from totally natural sources. The nutrient content of our ancient ancestors’ diets greatly surpassed the nutrient levels of our present diet and, interestingly enough, their incidence of the chronic diseases that are common in America today, was essentially non-existent. 

Determining what nutrient balance is best for each individual is something I have studied for over 35 years, and something patients quickly notice benefits from. A nutritional program is created for each patient and changes over time as progress is made. 
 My interest is to ensure we have met your optimal nutrient needs, minimizing your risk of disease and maximizing your expression of wellness, vitality and longevity.

Lastly, the nutritional products I use are products that are sold only through licensed healthcare practitioners and, in most instances, designed by healthcare providers who work in clinical practice with patients. I have had the honor of teaching over 50 seminars to health care professionals on how to use these products safely and for optimal results. These product lines are of the highest quality and, oftentimes have decades of clinical success behind them. I am continually searching for the best products and best nutritional value for my patients. Anytime you have any question about the products I have recommended to you, or any products that your friends or family may be taking, please feel free to ask. I am dedicated to bringing clarity on this very important subject to all my patients and their loved ones.