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Omega Monopure EC: The Latest in Fish Oil Technology

The importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA to our health can’t be stressed enough.  High quality fish oil is one of the most critical health enhancing supplements one can take.  This single product, when taken at the right dosage, can save more lives than any other product.

Fish oils provide numerous functions necessary for maintaining mental, cardiovascular and metabolic health.  I have used various forms of fish oils rich in EPA and DHA throughout my practice, always seeking to find the highest quality product available.  For the last few years that product has been Omega 900 EC, an iFOS five-star certified fish oil.  The iFOS certification ensures the world’s highest standards for purity, potency and freshness, which is critical when it comes to fish oil.  Sourced in Scandinavia, this form of fish oil is certified non-GMO, sustainable and antibiotic free.

Our very exciting news is that a new form of iFOS certified fish oil represents a significant advancement in absorption technology, making this high quality fish oil even better.  Using the same 5-star certified fish oil, Omega MonoPure EC incorporates a patented lipid absorption technology called MaxSimil.  Basically this changes the form of the fats, making EPA and DHA smaller and simpler.  Doing so allows them to bypass the body’s normal fat digestion process so they are more easily and readily absorbed.

Studies show that Omega MonoPure EC fish oils have approximately 2 times greater absorption of EPA and DHA compared to other leading fish oils.  In addition to reaching greater concentrations in the body, it does so faster and maintains the plasma levels longer.  Because MonoPure is so efficient in providing EPA and DHA, for a lot of patients a lower dosage can be used to achieve the same or better effects.  For many of my patients, this will mean they only need to take one capsule per day rather than two.  To be safe and ensure you are getting the optimal amount, it is best to take a consistent dose for 3 months followed by an assessment of the levels of EPA/DHA in your red blood cells with the Brainspan or Omega-3 Index Tests. 

The research on this new product also confirmed that this form of fish oil is more potent in the ability to inhibit growth of cancer cells in colon, breast, lung and prostate tissues in lab studies.  In animal studies, it showed to be superior to other forms of fish oil and krill oil at inhibiting the growth of diseased cell lines.

One of my most trusted suppliers, Xymogen, has announced that they have the exclusive distribution rights to this new form of fish oil, Omega MonoPure.  Due to its enhanced absorption, lower cost per daily dose and increased convenience, I will be encouraging all my patients to switch over to this form.  Please check with me as to which dosage is right for you.