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The Diversity and Power of PEMF

Having used PEMF with many patients (plus Laurie, myself and staff) for more than 7 years now, I can say that the capabilities of this healing tool are extremely impressive and diverse. I still average over an hour of PEMF per week, and someday when I finally retire I will be taking one of the PEMF machines with me!

Here is a list of conditions/symptoms that we have seen significantly improve or disappear in our office:

Severe ColitisChronic SciaticaLow Back PainHip Pain
Tennis ElbowKnee PainShoulder PainFrozen Shoulder
Ankle Sprain/StrainAcute InfectionsChronic InfectionsDiaphragmatic Spasms
GERD (reflux)Chronic CystitisCystsSleep challenges
Rapid Wound HealingImproved Brain FunctionCeliac DiseaseIncreased Energy Levels
Enhanced RelaxationFracture HealingOsteoporosisRotator Cuff Tears

In the past couple of years, we had patients who chose to do PEMF for Osteoporosis and overall health. One patient’s follow up Bone Density test showed her femur, the highest risk bone for fracture due to osteoporosis, had gained 8% in bone density! This is a significant improvement for someone over 60 years of age, on no medication for bone density, only nutrition and PEMF! This is not too surprising though, since bone healing was the original benefit of PEMF that got the attention of health professionals. Since then we have had another patient, over 70 years old, on no medications, with just PEMF and Nutrition had an 11% increase in the bone density score of her hip! These kinds of results in traditional medical circles are considered impossible. We have also had a patient who had a vertebral fracture that had not healed 6 months after a car accident that, was healed within 2 months of PEMF and our bone healing nutrition protocol.

For me, one of the consistent personal benefits is that anytime I feel the onset of an infection, I get to the PEMF machine ASAP. In this situation, we place the PEMF pads on the chest to stimulate the immune organs (thymus, spleen and liver) and assist with lymphatic drainage. In addition, we place smaller paddles on the head to enhance our immune system of the sinuses and respiratory pathways. Every time in the past 5 years that I have done this, in combination with my infection supplement protocol, I have been able to stop the infection within 24 hours! Right before the New Year’s weekend last year, I had a patient who had the same experience, allowing him and his wife to enjoy their planned New Year’s getaway.

Another key benefit of PEMF that we have seen impressive results with has been its use with patients going through Chemo Therapy or other traditional medical treatment for cancer. Almost 100% of our patients feel the PEMF has helped their recovery and medical treatment and some know that it has made a huge difference in their recovery from the side effects of their chemotherapy. Oftentimes very quickly.

And those are just the improvements off the top of my head. One of the more general common experiences of PEMF is that it just plain makes one feel better. Many of our patients look forward to their PEMF treatments, because they always feel better afterwards. I know I look forward to my treatments and that usually means having to go into the office on the weekend.

It’s important to know that PEMF works by improving Cellular Function. Whether they are cells in a muscle, joint, ligament, bone, immune organ or the brain, PEMF therapy normalizes, and often enhances, the electrical, nutritional and energetic aspects of the cells. The functional and symptomatic changes take place due to these cellular improvements.

If you haven’t yet done so, please visit our PEMF page. There you will see the video on PEMF along with 2 different articles that I have written that can explain more about how PEMF is working. One of them has a great case history of a patient with Severe Heart Failure who had a dramatic recovery. If you know of anyone with Heart Failure problems, I would love to see if we can help them out. Please pass this video on to any of your family or friends whom you feel may benefit from the Power of PEMF.

Special Offer: If you have never experienced PEMF, call our office and let my staff know that you would Like a Complimentary PEMF. We’ll actually give you 2 at no charge.

We also have a video on PEMF where you can hear from other doctors and patients about their experiences as well as the personal story of the creator of our PEMF machine, Paul Webb. After watching this video you will understand why he is so dedicated to making the best PEMF system available. Click Here to view the video.