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The Greatest Gift

If there were just one wish that I was granted for each of my children, it is very easy to know what that wish would be, and I believe most parents would choose the same for their kids. More than for them to become a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the next Steve Jobs, a famous scientist, the next Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of any sport, the most wonderful opera singer, a world leader, easily before any of these, I would wish for them “a lifetime of health and wellness.”

The gift of health is really something very special, very precious, something many people only reflect on when they have lost their health to a significant degree or seen a loved one suffer a devastating disease. Fortunately, there is a way we can give ourselves this wonderful gift. There is a way to create health and wellness.

We are very fortunate, as this gift of health is available to the vast majority of us. It first takes deciding that health is really something that is important, a priority, a commitment we are choosing. Once you are sure that being healthy is a priority, finding a health practitioner whose primary focus with patients is creating a lifetime of health and wellness is your next step.

My life, as well as the lives of my associates and staff, is dedicated to supporting my patients in creating a lifetime of wellness with vitality and longevity, and I would be honored to assist you in providing this gift of health for yourself. If you are excited about the possibility of experiencing greater levels of health and vitality, please contact us right away. For most people, changes in their well-being are noticeable within the first 1 – 3 weeks of starting a program with us.  More importantly, over time you will learn the habits that create a lifetime of wellness. 

If you are ready to get started, you can either call us at 805-687-0533 or send us an e-mail now by clicking the “request an appointment” link. Please let us know your name and phone number and one of our staff will call you as soon as possible.