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Since my last newsletter Laurie and I had a great trip to North Lake Tahoe, enjoying some cross country skiing together, and then a couple of days of leg spending downhill skiing for me.  It was great fun, exercise and beautiful.  If you are ever planning a trip to North Lake Tahoe, let me know and I can share with you my favorite spots for skiing, hiking, biking, eating and even some great realty companies for renting nice homes.

Also, since that newsletter, many patients responded to the "Most Important Health Test" article and had either their first Heart Scan or a follow up.  The information has been very relieving for the majority of patients and for others has helped us to focus in on some lifestyle and nutrition changes, or some follow up testing that can be critical to their long term health and wellness.  If you ever have the desire to have this test done, or questions about the Heart Scan and Calcium Score, please let me know.

You will be hearing more about this test, when I finally get my "Cardio-Vascular Clarity" class completed.  It is coming along, but to be honest it is many hours of research and development.  The good news is that when it is complete, I am sure it will be extremely informative, clarifying, motivating and health promoting for many.

Please read on, keep your health a top priority and let me/us know if there is anything we can do to support you on your way to a "lifetime of wellness with vitality and longevity".


Spring Cleaning Time is Here


Spring-cleaning in this context is all about your body and mind, not your home and closets.  It's a one to two week process of cleansing the body of bio-chemical toxins.  This type of cleanse is referred to as Bio-Chemical Detoxification.  Many of my patients over the last 24 years have found this process simple and rewarding.

Why cleanse? The breadth and quantity of bio-chemical toxins in our bodies are relatively shocking to most Americans when they realize the facts.  A short list of some of the common toxins found in almost all Americans are; lead, mercury, DDT and many other pesticides, PCB's, perchlorate (a toxic compound of rocket fuel).  Literally, tens of thousands, of man-made chemicals can be found.  Many of these originate in all kinds of household products.  Chemicals from plastics, flame-retardants, cigarette smoke, carpets, plywood glues, exhaust fumes plus the by-products that escape the factory smoke stacks.  

Besides the chemicals we breathe, eat or drink, there are many that are created in our bodies everyday, which are poisonous and need to be processed.

The problem is that the detoxification systems of our bodies can only do so much in a 24-hour period, if they are fully functional in the first place.  When our bodies cannot process all the chemicals due to either the overall load or complexity of many of the man made chemicals, or nutritional deficiencies, they are stored in many different cells of our body.  Some of these chemicals have well documented disease risks, and for others there is much more research to be done.  Most if not all of these chemicals can be found in each and every American.

The Seasonal Solution to this problem is a 7 - 14 day cleanse (length of time varies depending on the individual). This will support your body's detoxification pathways, decreasing the toxic burden of chemicals.  This is also an excellent way of interrupting any bad dietary habits that have developed over time, and for most people will result some weight loss.

The Cleanse is quite simple.  In general it involves replacing two meals a day with a drink that is specifically designed to cleanse the body of bio-chemical toxins, while at the same time serving as a meal.  Your third meal is a feast of very healthy foods.  Snacking between meals is fine and includes fresh fruits and raw veggies.  

If you are ready to feel better, be cleaner and healthier, just let me know (either via email, call the clinic or stop by) and we will set you up with everything you need, then you'll be ready to go!


Poison Oak, Staph Infections and Thymex

For those of you who are sensitive to Poison Oak, you are probably already aware that this time of year it is thriving near any creek bed in our area. What many of you may not be aware of is that we have a very successful program for dramatically decreasing one's sensitivity to Poison Oak. Our program does not help with an active case of Poison Oak, however, it makes a great difference in how your body responds to future exposures.

This program is worthwhile for anyone who is "very sensitive" to Poison Oak. Those who are, usually get it very easily and whenever they get it, it is almost always a bad, very unpleasant case. I have seen cases so bad that the individual ended up in the hospital and many who have had to take prednisone to get relief.

So, if someone you know has suffered miserably from this condition, please have them call the office for an appointment, ASAP. By the way, I have seen this program work in every patient we have ever done the program with!

Staph infections are often very difficult to get rid of.  The hospitals across our country are one of the most common sources of these infections (an estimated 500,000 patients a year are infected in hospitals) and they can have a very difficult time treating them.  Many medical experts blame the overuse of antibiotics for the increase in this bacteria's resistance to antibiotics.

Staph (staphylococcus aureus), by some estimates is carried in approximately 20% - 30% of the population, and while these individuals can be resistant to the bacteria they can also pass it on to someone who is not.  The range of conditions caused by staph is very wide, from skin infections (quite common), to infections in the nose and less commonly in the throat.  Other more specific conditions include, acne, impetigo, boils, atopic dermatitis, cellulitis, folliculitis and abscesses, and life threatening diseases such as pneumonia and meningitis.

I have frequently treated patients who have one of the above conditions, some who have had the condition for years, with only temporary success from treatment with antibiotics.  The amazing thing to me is that every time, even in cases of MSRA Staph infections, the protocol I use has been successful. 

The interesting thing is that the product, which works consistently for dramatically decreasing excessive poison oak sensitivity, is also the key in a combination of products for the patient with Staph. That product is Thymex.

What is really interesting is that Thymex is creating quite the opposite affect with each. In the case of the poison oak patient, it is decreasing an overreaction of the immune system (specifically the thymus gland), and in the case of the persistent Staph infection, it is significantly increasing the immune response so that the patients immune system is able to overcome the infection.  In neither case does Thymex actually treat the condition, but rather it supports the Thymus gland to respond in the appropriate fashion, and then we have healing. 

If you know of someone who could possibly benefit from this care, please pass along this information and ask them to give us a call, so they don't have to suffer anymore. 

Next Healthy Weight Loss Class - Thursday, April 23rd

Please mark this down and call your friends, Thursday, April 23rd, from 6:00 - 7:15, at the clinic, Dr. Dale's Healthy Weight Loss Class, at No Charge!  Because my Cardio-Vascular Classes will be starting up soon, this will be the last Healthy Weight Loss Class until next fall or Jan. of 2010. 

If I must say so myself, this is the most informative, interesting and motivating class on the subject around.  By the end of the presentation, you will understand: 1). How to go from the fat storage business into the fat burning business!  2). The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the many different diet fads and weight loss products in America.  Why and How, You Can Do Better.  3). How losing weight in a healthy way will dramatically improve your health, sense of well-being, and reduce your risk of the most dangerous diseases.  4). The Keys to reaching your "ideal weight" and how to maintain your "Weight Loss for Life"! Come and learn all about The Problem, The Causes and The Solution to the weight problem in America.

Special Offer: If you are an existing patient, and you bring a non-patient friend or family member to attend this class, you will receive a free gift of 5 Nano-Green Travel Packets.  Also, any guest who attends that night, will have the opportunity to sign up as a new patient at no charge for their first visit.  A complimentary history and examination (normally a $95 visit)!

To register for this Free Class: Please call the office and let us know you are coming (687-0533), and the names of any guests you will be bringing.  Also, please be a few minutes early for class so we can start on time.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Marc Muench Photography

If you have been to the office in the past month you have probably noticed the excellent photography work by local landscape and sports photographer Marc Muench.  His outdoor photography is very striking, beautiful and detailed.  I want to thank Marc for hanging his work in our clinic for the pleasure of our patients, invite you to stop by and see it if you have missed it, it will be hanging until the end of May. You can also visit, although it is not the same as seeing the photos in person, his and his father David's website at www.muenchphotography.com



If you haven't signed up for the "patient only content"of our website, please follow this link:

We are excited to say that now you can easily order your supplements through our website!  Just click on the "contact us" tab on the left hand column.  When that page opens you will click on "Email: Santa Barbara Wellness for Life".  Then fill in the info, and in the comment box, just let us know what you need.  Usually orders go out that day or the next business day.  We only charge what the shipping costs us, so this is a relatively inexpensive way to get your products, even for locals.  We will always follow up with an email confirming your order and letting you know when it will ship. 



 Johnny "I'm not having a good day",

Nick (played by Rod Stieger in Pool Hall Junkies), "Every day's a good day kid, just try missing one".

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