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At times it seems like spring time and then the next day it seems like winter. Rain in late April, Rain in May, in Santa Barbara?? Either way, spring formally is here and it is time for Spring Cleaning.  A great way to start the renewal of health and spirit. Read below for more details of how to get a lot healthier within one to two weeks.

ut of Office

Yes it's true, I'm turning 60 in May!  And so, I'm taking a long weekend to reflect, celebrate and recover.

I'll be out of the office on Friday May 4th and Monday May 7th.  However, I'll be in the office on Thursday morning, May 3rd, and Tuesday, May 8th, all day.

Spring Cleaning Time is Here

Spring-cleaning in this context is all about your body and mind, not your home and closets.  It's a one to two week process of cleansing the body of bio-chemical toxins.  This type of cleanse is referred to as Bio-Chemical Detoxification.  Many of my patients over the last 27 years have found this process simple and rewarding.

Why cleanse? The breadth and quantity of bio-chemical toxins in our bodies are relatively shocking to most Americans when they realize the facts. A short list of some of the common toxins found in all Americans are; lead, mercury, DDT and many other pesticides, PCB's, perchlorate (a toxic compound of rocket fuel).  Literally, tens of thousands of man-made chemicals can be found.  Many of these originate in all kinds of household products. Chemicals from plastics, flame-retardants, cigarette smoke, carpets, plywood glues, exhaust fumes plus the by-products that escape the factory smoke stacks.

Besides the chemicals we breathe, eat or drink, there are many that are created in our bodies everyday, which are poisonous and need to be processed.

The problem is that the detoxification systems of our bodies can only do so much in a 24-hour period, if they are fully functional in the first place. When our bodies cannot process all the chemicals due to either the overall load or complexity of many of the man made chemicals, or nutritional deficiencies, they are stored in many different cells of our body, especially fat cells. Some of these chemicals have well documented disease risks, and for others there is much more research to be done. Most if not all of these chemicals can be found in each and every American

The Seasonal Solution to this problem is a 7 - 14 day cleanse (length of time varies depending on the individual). This will support your body's detoxification pathways, decreasing the toxic burden of chemicals. This is also an excellent way of interrupting any bad dietary habits that have developed over time, and for most people will result in some weight loss. And it saves a lot of time. Breakfast and Lunch, each in 5 minutes! 

The Cleanse is quite simple. In general it involves replacing two meals a day with a drink that is specifically designed to cleanse the body of bio-chemical toxins, while at the same time serving as a meal. Your third meal is a feast of very healthy foods. Snacking between meals is fine and includes fresh fruits and raw veggies.

If you are ready to feel better, be cleaner and healthier, just let me know (either via email, call the clinic or stop by) and we will set you up with everything you need, then you'll be ready to go!

Products of the Month - Cleanse Powders + Discount

To further encourage you To Cleanse, we will be having a 10% discount on all our cleanse related products. This includes: Bio-Cleanse and Bio-Cleanse Plus Meal Replacement Powders, Opti-Cleanse GHI (all flavors), Bio-Liv and LipoTropiX. This special will last until the end of May!

Click here for a more extensive article describing each of or different powders. 

A Great Program for Kids - SBFitKidz

We are lucky to have Andra Wilson starting a Summer Day Camp Program for Kids in Santa Barbara.  I have known Andra since she moved to S.B. in 2006, with her husband Greg, our Gauchos men's soccer assistant coach.  They are wonderful people and Andra has an extensive background in sports, physical ed., and all things kid focused.  She is caring, smart and dedicated to all kids enjoying physical activity of all kinds.

SBFitKidz Summer Day Camp Programs are "Where FUN meets Health and Fitness". They empower 4 - 10 year old boys and girls of ALL ability levels to embrace a variety of SPORTS, EXERCISE and HEALTHY HABITS while having FUN and learning fundamental fitness components, athletic skills, and basic nutritional guidelines.

They will be having 3 - one week long programs in July and August, be sure to sign up soon.


Gauchos Wow the Pros!!

Dan Kennedy and Chris Pontius, both past Captains of our UCSB Mens Team, each were awarded Major League Soccer's Player of the Week, in back to back weeks! Dan Kennedy won it the week of April 9 - 15 for his game winning goal tending for Chivas USA, and then this past week, Chris Pontius won it for his 3 goal effort against the New York Red Bulls!  Congratulations to Dan and Chris and the entire Gauchos organization.

Best Sleep Product

I have been looking for a very effective sleep product for a long time.  I've tried many different products with patient's who have sleep challenges.  While some products worked for some patients, none worked for a high percentage of patients on a regular basis. 

Given how important sleep is to the quality of our life, our daily performance and long-term wellness, my search continued.  I recently came across a product that has provided the best results I have ever seen.  Not only does it make a significant impact on the vast majority of patients, more importantly it does this in a very healthy way, that has the additional benefit of decreasing low levels of anxiety and improving mood overall.

The product is Kavinace Ultra PM, and it works via 3 key ingredients that improve Gaba levels, Serotonin levels and Melatonin levels, while possibly decreasing levels of some chemicals that act as stimulants to the nervous system.  Of course we don't want our nervous system being stimulated when trying to go into a deep sleep.

Gaba tends to keep us more relaxed, but not sedated.  Serotonin is generally thought to be a contributor to feelings of wellbeing and happiness.  Melatonin is a hormone, which we naturally produce, however our levels of Melatonin are adversely affected by the amount of artificial light we are exposed to, especially in the hours leading up to sleep and the aging process.

A deep sleep is usually what patients notice when taking Kavinace Ultra PM.  So deep that often when starting the product you will sleep both longer and much deeper, which can lead to waking up feeling groggy for an hour our two.  If this happens, stick with it, it is not a bad sign.  This is actually a side effect of reaching a deep level of sleep.  This usually dissipates within a few days of starting the product as you begin to catch up on your sleep debt and new levels of vitality return. 

The good news is you will end up feeling more refreshed and often calmer during the day, while also experiencing a better mood.  For those who have had a significant sleep problem, they will notice much more dramatic changes to their overall health.

This product can be used daily or as needed, including during travel and changing time zones.

If you would like to try a 2 capsule sample pack for free, just let Dr. Dale or our staff know. 

Instructions: take just one capsule 60 minutes before bed (this is important if you have trouble falling asleep), or just before bed.

Warning, this supplement should not be taken by individuals who are on anti-epileptic drugs or MAO inhibitors for depression without first consulting with your health care practitioner.

Quotes of the Month

"It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy.  The bee is praised; the mosquito is swatted."    Marie O'Conner

Willie Wonka - "But Charlie, don't forget the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.   Charlie - What happened??  Willie - He lived happily ever after (Willie and Charlie, embrace)."  

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

In Closing

During this time fast approaching my 60th, I want to thank all my patients for the very rewarding opportunity to serve you in such an important endeavor in all of our lives. Creating Wellness with Vitality and Longevity.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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