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Spring is here, and it's a great time to get clean and clear!  Please check out my Spring Cleaning article below and be sure to read about healthy water also.  

The spring weather provides some additional impetus for further enhancing our state of health, so lets use that to our advantage. 

Dr. Dale's Expanded Hours
My expanded Thursday hours have gone over so well that at this point they are becoming permanent, or at least until further notice. 

Those new Thursday hours are 9:30 - 12:30.

Spring Cleaning Time aka Bio-Chemical Detoxification, is Here Again!
Are You Toxic?  
The Bad News is that each year more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment!  Unfortunately, every one of us has stored levels of these toxins in our bodies.

The breadth and quantity of the bio-chemical toxins in our bodies are relatively shocking. A short list of some of the common toxins found in ALL Americans include; lead, mercury, DDT and many other pesticides, PCB's, and perchlorate (a toxic compound of rocket fuel).  Literally, tens of thousands of man-made chemicals can be found in our bodies.  Many of these originate in all types of household products. Chemicals from pesticides, the city water supply, plastics, flame-retardants, cigarette smoke, carpets, plywood glues, paints, exhaust fumes, plus the by-products that escape the factory smoke stacks.

In addition to the chemicals we breathe, eat or drink, there are many that are created in our bodies everyday, which are poisonous and need to be processed.

Of course we were so well designed that we have bio-chemical pathways for getting rid of these toxins.  The problem is that the detoxification systems of our bodies can only do so much in a 24-hour period.  When our bodies cannot process all the chemicals, due to either their quantity or complexity, or our own nutritional deficiencies, they are stored in different parts of our body, especially fat cells.  Many of these chemicals have well documented disease risks.  Most, if not all, of these chemicals can be found in each and every American
The Good News is that we have A Seasonal Solution to this problem; a 7 - 14 day cleanse (length of time varies depending on the individual). This cleanse will maximally facilitate your body's detoxification pathways, decreasing the toxic burden of chemicals.  This is also an excellent way of interrupting any bad dietary habits that have developed over time, and for most people will result in some weight loss.  And it is a great Time Saver!  Breakfast and Lunch each take only 5 minutes from start to finish! 

My Bio-Chemical Detoxification Cleanse, which I've been using with patients for 29 years now, is quite simple.  In general, it involves replacing two meals a day with a drink that is specifically designed to cleanse the body of bio-chemical toxins, while at the same time serving as a meal.  Your third meal is a feast of very healthy foods. Snacking between meals is fine and should include fresh fruits and raw veggies.

So, if you are ready to feel better and be cleaner and healthier, just call the clinic to set up an appointment and I will get you ready to start right away.  By the way, a special benefit of doing The Cleanse is that it usually has a minimal cost and actually saves many people money, depending upon how much they spend on their breakfast and lunch.

Product of the Month + Discount
To Support those of you who are choosing to do the Spring Cleaning Detox Program, all Cleanse Products are 10% off until the end of April!  This includes the Bio-Cleanse products, Opti-Cleanse products, Bio-Liv and Toxi HMF.

Brain Sustain is Back - and you get a Special Deal!
As many of you Brain Sustain fans know, we have been out of Brain Sustain due to a company shortage for awhile now.  It turns out this back-order was primarily due to a shortage of the high quality protein source in this product, which has become high in demand.  Xymogen (the producer) could have bought lower quality sources of protein powder, but thankfully their high standards kept them from doing so.  I have been informed a very high quality protein is now available again, and they purchased an extra large amount to avoid future problems.
To thank the Brain Sustain fans for their patience, we will offer a $5.00 discount per canister of Brain Sustain for the rest of April. 
If you have never read my article on Brain Sustain - How to Get $293 worth of Supplements for Free, please follow this link

A Reminder on the Most Important Heart Tests
In case you haven't followed up yet on your next Heart Scan or Omega 3 Index test, this is a reminder.  These 2 tests are much, much more important than the cholesterol tests Americans get every year, and the Heart Scan is far more sensitive for picking up atherosclerosis than a treadmill test. 
If you have any question about whether you should be having these tests this year, please send me an email. 
If you are interested in more information, follow this link to my website where I have more comprehensive articles on each test. 

Healthy Water?

About 25 years ago I did a lot of research on drinking water quality.  I even held classes on this subject for patients at the time.  Prior to my research I had drinking water delivered to our home, those 5 gallon bottles of "Spring Water".  However, through extensive reading on the subject, including some government reports, it became very clear that drinking our tap water is not a healthy thing, and the research on the large bottle water industry was a bit scary.

Regarding city water, anywhere in America.  They have to put chemicals in the water to kill the bacteria, viruses and parasites.  That's good for killing potentially dangerous bugs, but we really don't need extra man-made chemicals in our bodies.  Although there are EPA standards for certain allowable chemical levels in the water, these aren't always met as local governments decided they could not afford to get rid of all those chemicals.  Additionally, new chemicals are created when the ones already in the water react with each other.  Yes, this is a mess. 


Regarding having water delivered to your home in those large bottles.  Years ago, the State of California created a special committee to determine if the bottled water industry needed to be regulated.  The committee report, which I read, listed many different problems they found in the water they tested, including bacteria and various harmful chemicals.  This led them to determine that the industry needed regulation.  However, the government also determined that it could not afford to regulate the industry.  A 2008 research report found over 38 different chemicals in 10 major brands of bottled water.  Then the most recent report from a few years ago, showed that many public water supplies now have medications finding their way into the drinking water!

My research clarified that the best water for us to use is Reverse Osmosis systems combined with carbon filters.  This highly sensitive purification process eliminates heavy metals, chemicals and minerals which could potentially carry radiation.  Additionally, this water tastes excellent. 

So for the past 20 years I have had a Reverse Osmosis unit installed in my home, which I rent on a monthly basis.  The company I have rented from all of this time also provides our water at the clinic.  They service the units every year, testing the water and replacing certain filters and others as needed.  Advanced Water Solutions (805-751-5577) is the company, advancedwaterinc.com is their website.  Their service has always been excellent and they are really nice people to work with.  They will even install these devices if you rent your home and move them for you if you move. They also have whole house purification systems and water softener systems. 

The added benefit of these units is you can use this purified water for all your water needs as it just keeps making more.  I encourage everyone to use this kind of system for the healthiest water for you and your family.

Quotes of the Month
"You are much more likely to act yourself into feeling a certain way, than you are to feel yourself into acting a certain way".

In Closing
The most common desire I hear from new patients, is they just want to feel good again. If you have been a patient of mine for sometime, there probably have been times that you felt great.  If at this time you aren't feeling great, take a moment, reflect on the belief that - you deserve to feel great!
If you are not sure if Spring Cleaning is a way toward that end, stop in for an appointment and you and I will review what it will take to get you back to Feeling Great!  

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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