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As spring continues there is still time to do the Spring Cleaning of your body.  Most patients actually enjoy this process, as it saves them time, saves them money and gives then a new and fresh start for their health.  All that while decreasing their bodies build up of environmental toxins. Just ask and we can quickly get you set up for your Bio-Chemical Detox. 

Dr. Dale's Vacation Days in May

My daughter Sarah is Graduating from Saint Edwards in Austin Texas this May.  So, Laurie and I will be Out of the Office from Thursday 
May 8 - Monday May 12. 

I will be back in the Office on Tuesday May 13th, All Day!
Saving Lives and Saving Money!

Saving Lives and Saving Money!

The single most important supplement for Saving Lives in America is without a doubt High Quality Fish Oil, rich in EPA and DHA.  With Heart disease + Circulatory diseases the most common causes of death in our country, taking the right amount of, and the right kind of fish oil is crucial to lowering that risk.  Adding the significant reduction in breast cancer for women taking fish oil, and we get an even greater decrease in risk of mortality.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are also important for the Reduction of Inflammation, Age Related Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, Mood Benefits, Age related Macular Degeneration, and Neurological Development and Intelligence in Infants and Children.  There are only a few other nutrients that come close to providing such comprehensive health benefits, but none save as many lives. 

With new advances in fish oil technology, we now have a capsule version, which allows us to get the highest quality fish oil available, in smaller capsules, while being very concentrated in the key ingredients EPA/DHA.  Combined with a very attractive price point, I've changed my top recommendation for fish oil to the new OmegaPure 900 EC.  (More on this product in our Product of the Month Special below).

I repeat "high quality" throughout this article, because when it comes to fish oil there is a huge range of quality issues.  I frequently review the labels of fish oil products that new patients have been taking when they first come to see me, and the frequency of "high quality" products that they bring in is very low.  This is due to the plethora of poor quality products available in the nutritional supplement marketplace.  When you get poor quality fish oil products, you are at risk of consuming excessive amounts of heavy metals, oxidized fish oils, high PCB's and Dioxin levels.  And worst of all, you think you are getting the heart benefits of fish oil, but unfortunately you are not, due to their very low levels of EPA and DHA.

When it comes to cardiovascular benefits from fish oil, it is all about EPA/DHA concentration.  Many fish oils have very low levels of these key fatty acids, while others have more but not nearly enough. 

Our OmegaPure 900 EC meets the highest standards for fish oil available, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), 5 Star rating!  Additionally, they come in an enteric coated capsule that causes them to be broken down in the small intestine, which reduces the risk of fishy aftertaste.  In the past I have not been able to take fish oil in capsules due to the fishy aftertaste, but I have no problem with this product.

Now some more good news, which is the "Saving Money" part of my headline.  For the past few years, by far my favorite fish oil has been Omega 369 emulsion.  This product is also very high quality fish oil, purified and rich in EPA/DHA.  Because it is emulsified it is also very well absorbed and with no fish taste.  In fact it tastes like Lemon Meringue Pie!  So for those of you who can't give up your fish oil for dessert, this product will still be available.  However, the new OmegaPure 900 EC costs significantly less.  A month's supply of Omega Pure 900 EC at 1.8 grams of EPA/DHA per day (2 caps, the most common recommended amount), costs just $28.00, vs. $49.00 for the equivalent of Omega 369.  That's a savings that gets my attention.  See my Product of the Month Special for saving even more until May 16th!

OmegaPure 900 EC - Our Product of the Month!

From now until May 16th Our New OmegaPure 900 EC, which normally costs $42.00 for 90 capsules will be just $37.80!  

How Medical Research Has Become Unreliable

Recently I have come across a number of articles that have helped clarify why so much of the research I read these days, seems so poor.  So poor, that I have wondered how these papers ever get published. 

Last year on the subject of Fish Oil, there were 2 different studies, one claiming to show the In-effectiveness of fish oil for cognitive function, and one claiming that fish oil actually increased the risk of prostate cancer.  It didn't take much to see how poorly these "research" projects were done.  Once I read the research details I was shocked that they got funded and got published.

Fish Oil, has more positive research on it than probably any single nutrient, much of which is very straight forward research, clear double blind studies with strong clinically significant benefits.

Some recent articles about todays world of research, made it very clear that we have some serious problems with medical research in our country, especially research related to prescription drugs. Below I am including some excerpts by some sharp medical people on how bad this situation is.

Josh Herigan, a bright medical student who has an extensive background in research recently reviewed a new research project claiming that checklists were ineffective in hospitals. Josh stated: "Ultimately, I don't wonder why this study was published; bad studies are published all the time. I wonder why this study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. NEJM is supposed to be the gold-standard for academic medical research. If they print it, you should be confident in the results and conclusions. Their editors and peer reviewers are supposed to be the best in the world. The Ontario study seems to be far below the standards I expect for NEJM.  Nobody seemed to care that this was not a particularly well-conducted study; this is the sadness that plagues the medical research community"

Dr. Marcia Angell's recent writings are far more extensive on the subject and this is particularly critical, as she is the former Editor-in-Chief at the New England Journal of Medicine!  After reading her article in the New York Review of Books called Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption, one wonders if any medical journal on earth is worth anybody's respect anymore. "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine."

Dr. Angell had written, that in June 2009, an American senate investigation revealed that drug companies, including those that make drugs that a Dr. Biederman advocates for childhood bipolar disorder, had paid Dr. Biederman of Harvard Medical School, $1.6 million in "consulting" and "speaking" fees between 2000 and 2007. "Two of Dr. Biederman's colleagues received similar amounts.

Dr. Angell also states: "No one knows the total amount provided by drug companies to physicians, but I estimate from the annual reports of the top 9 U.S.-based drug companies that it comes to tens of billions of dollars a year in North America alone. By such means, the pharmaceutical industry has gained enormous control over how doctors evaluate and use its own products. Its extensive ties to physicians, particularly senior faculty at prestigious medical schools, affect the results of research, the way medicine is practiced, and even the definition of what constitutes a disease."

Prior to the early 1980's, medical schools did not have much direct associations with the pharmaceutical industry.  Now almost two thirds of medical colleges have investments in these companies, often with those that they do research with. A study of medical school department chairs found that two thirds received departmental income from drug companies and three fifths received personal income!"

Before the 1980's, the norm was that medical schools did research on drugs independently.  Now, more commonly, pharmaceutical company employees or their agents often design the studies, perform the analysis, write the papers, and decide whether, and in what form to publish the results.

Thus the tragedy of medical research today, which could be dangerous to your health. 

Some recommended reading on this subject: the book "The Truth About the Drug Companies, by Dr. Marcia Angell; an article on clinical trials

Quote of the Month

"The way not to lead a monotonous life is to live for others."

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

In Closing

I spend many hours every week reading research and health related articles.  To be honest, it is quite demanding to find the good information amongst the masses of poor information.  And I have 40 years of experience reading about health, with 30 of those as a professional.  Please protect yourself and your family from the mountains of poor health information out there.  Just send me a question any time you are wondering about something you read and please don't be influenced by the billions spent on marketing of mostly poor quality products, as they can be Dangerous to Your Health.

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