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Yes, it is Sept., and I'm calling this my August Newsletter, as you will be getting another one within a few weeks.

That said, It's that time of the year again.  Kids are back in school, UCSB Soccer Season has begun and, hopefully, your health is becoming a high priority once again also.

Summer fun often results in a bit less focus on overall health, unless your bikini figure, or being shirtless for the guys, is a top priority.  Our summers just tend to be a bit less structured, and as much as we hate to admit it, almost everyone does much better with structure, especially when it comes to maintaining health and wellness.

Therefore, please grab a pencil, right now, and write out the 3 aspects of your health you would like to improve this fall.  Then take a few more minutes to write out 2 - 3 action steps you are going to take to ensure you are successful at improving your health and well being.

Of course one of those steps should be "Call Dr. Dale for Help Right Away"!

Labor Day Holiday Schedule

The clinic will be closed on Monday, Sept 7th., in honor of Labor Day.  I will have clinic hours on Tuesday, Sept 8th, both in the morning and afternoon to accommodate as many patients as possible.  Please call asap for your appointments for our shortened week.

Vitamin E and Brain Health

Approximately 10 years ago it became apparent to me how the quality of our circulation is so critical to our health as we move through our years, especially after 50.  A study recently published in JAMA looked at the effects of various interventions in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.  It was one of the more extensive studies on this subject for patients in the mild to moderate group.  The results showed that the group taking Vit. E daily was the only group of four that had significantly better results over 2.3 years, slowing the decline of daily function by approximately 20%.

The other 3 groups included a placebo group, a group that took the most common prescription medication for Alzheimer's disease, Memantine, and the last group took a combination of the Memantine and Vit. E.  Only the Vit. E group had better numbers.

Nutritional experts have long recognized the benefits of Vit. E for improving circulation. This was a leading vitamin chosen by early nutritional pioneers for patients needing heart and circulatory support, cramping while exercising, cramps during menses, and in general to increase oxygen delivery to all tissues.

One of the added advantages of Vit. E is that it is relatively low cost.  There are great natural sources of Vit. E, and it only takes one to two capsules per day to meet your needs.  

Please see our Product of the Month Special for your Vit. E options.

Step 4 to a Lifetime of Wellness

Eating a healthy diet is, without a doubt, one of the most important keys to improving one's health.  For patients committed to a lifetime of wellness and vitality, diet will be a key necessary component.  Whenever someone comes to me for improvements in their health, I review their current eating habits and based on their goals make specific dietary recommendations when indicated.
As you probably already know, nutrition is also very important.  Unfortunately, there is a vast amount of information on nutrition that is confusing, is based on poor principles, poor research, and oftentimes becomes dangerous to your health.  As you may have already realized, this subject is very complicated.  I have studied nutrition for over 40 years and have used it with patients extensively, since starting my practice in 1984.  I will work closely with you to ensure that you get the highest quality nutritional care to support you in your short and long term health goals.

Two Different Fish Oil (Omega 3) Research Outcomes

I am a huge proponent of high quality fish oils taken at the proper dosage.  Literally, this one product can probably do more to save people from heart attacks than any other single product and it has many, many other health benefits.

Just recently, two new research articles were published that had different outcomes with fish oil.  While these research projects looked at two different conditions, both conditions were related to the brain.

The positive report is actually very impressive and quite fascinating.  This had to do with a dramatic decrease in future problems, for patients who were diagnosed as being at risk of schizophrenia. Patients who have been diagnosed as being at risk, often end up with schizophrenia (40% of them) and nearly 70% of these patients will develop other psychiatric disorders, including depression, bipolar disorders and substance dependency.  

The amazing aspect of this study, performed on 13 - 25 year olds, was that they received a placebo or a relatively strong dose of high quality fish oil for just 3 months.  For the fish oil group the results were quite remarkable.  After 7 years, 10% of this group had suffered a full blown schizophrenic episode, compared to 40% in the placebo group. Additionally, 54% of the placebo group had been prescribed antipsychotic medication, compared to only 29% in the fish oil group.  And of the placebo group, 83% had been diagnosed with some other psychiatric disorder, compared to only 53% in the fish oil group.  These are considered huge differences in medical research, all from taking a very beneficial nutrient for just 3 months.  We can only imagine what the outcomes may have been had they continued the fish oil over the 7 years.

The other research project used a large group of macular degeneration patients averaging 74 years old.  They measured the effects of daily supplementation of Omega 3's (DHA + EPA) on cardiovascular events over a period of 4 years.  They found no significant differences in adverse events when compared to the control group.

I believe this last research project points to two potential factors. The amount of fish oil used should have been, based on many studies, almost double the amount they gave these patients.  However, it is also possible that starting fish oil at such a late age does not provide the same benefit and impact on brain health as starting much earlier, as we saw in the first research project.  

When it comes to heart health, we know that taking the proper amount of Omega 3's drastically reduces the incidence of certain types of heart attacks and mortality, regardless of how late you start taking this crucial nutraceutical.
So Please, take your Omega Pure 900 EC or our very tasty Omega 369.  As we see here, the earlier you start the better!

Save with our Products of the Month Special

To support your decision to optimize brain and circulatory function, while increasing your antioxidant levels, this months products of the month are 2 versions of Vitamin E.  Both versions are 100% natural Vit. E.  Many Vit. E's on the market are made from by-products of Kodak film manufacturing.  Yes, Kodak has for many years been the primary producer of Vit. E.  Ours are all natural and have at least four fractions of Vit. E, rather than just one, making them much more complete and effective.

The first Product of the month is Ultimate E.  It is a larger capsule and is taken just once per day.  

The other product, Xcellent E HG-400, has an additional fraction of Vit. E; tocotrienols. Tocotrienols provide additional antioxidant effects. With Xcellent E, you take 2 capsules per day, to get the equivalent of one Ultimate E.  The added benefit of taking 2 capsules is that they are smaller, and you can take one at breakfast and one at dinner, keeping the levels of Vit. E in your blood more consistent over a 24 hour period.

Each of these are available until the end of Sept. at a 10% discount.  

Danger, Danger: Coca-Cola is Now in the Research Business

I want to say it's "hard to believe", however, unfortunately in this day an age it is not. Yes, Coca Cola, has decided that you should know that the American diet is not the cause of the weight problems of our country. Rather, the real problem is lack of exercise.  

To prove that point they are going to donate millions of dollars to a group to support research on exercise vs. diet.  Now are we really expected to believe the outcomes of research funded by Coca Cola?  Unfortunately, the way this is done, when the results of that research come out, the headlines will read that "Research says, it's not your diet America, it's your lack of exercise".  And, there will be no mention that Coca Cola were the ones who funded that research!

Quote of the Month

"Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing."

-Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

In Closing

Fall in Santa Barbara is one of my very favorite times of the year.  The air is usually crisp and fresh.  It's a great time to be outdoors and exercising more and of course with all the great produce at our farmers markets, an easy time to eat lots of veggies with our proteins.  Enjoy!

Yours in Health, Dr. Dale

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