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Wow, we are coming around the bend on the end of summer.  I hope you are taking advantage of our incredible weather by spending more time outdoors exercising or having fun with family and friends. 

Also, a warning; the past couple of weeks I've seen a significant upturn in new infections.  Please beware and be prepared by having your immune protocol on hand just in case.  So far, all has gone well for those who are right on top of it.  

Next month I will have an article on a new and very innovative immune product that so far looks like it will make a big difference in creating stronger immune systems that provide greater resistance, while at the same time, decreasing "leaky gut" associated problems. 

Also, please remember you can always reach out to me via email if you have any health related questions for yourself or family.

Serving Santa Barbara for Over 30 Years

Yes, this past June was my 30 year anniversary in Santa Barbara! 32 years total for my Wellness Practice, which began in Santa Monica.  I am grateful for the thousands of patients I have been able to direct and serve in reversing debilitating conditions and significantly compromised quality of life, while helping them create high levels of health and well being.  Some of those patients I have served since 1986, my first year in Santa Barbara!

It is hard to imagine a more fulfilling career and one that allows me to continue to improve my service endlessly!  Therefore, I am looking forward to even more exciting improvements this year and will review a couple of them below.  

Once again, Thank You for your trust and support!

A Must Read Article Re: NSAID's and Pain Medications

We have known for some time that there are significant mortality risks associated with "over the counter" and "prescription anti-inflammatory" medications.  These are primarily associated with gastro-intestinal bleeding, bleeding at other organs, including kidneys, liver failure, stroke, heart failure, blood clot and heart attack risks. The risks have been so serious that numerous products have been taken off of the market and FDA warning labels have become more stringent as these risks can increase after as little as a week's use. 

Some of their common names are: Aleve, Motrin, Bextra, Naproxen/Naprosyn, Celebrex, aspirin, Voltaren, Indocin, Toradol, Relafen, Daypro, Clinoril, Lomoxicam and others. They are the most widely used drugs in the world.

The serious side-effects and deaths associated with these medications have become highlighted more and more.  However, over the past years I have come across a number of articles that have indicated that many of the conditions that NSAID's have been credited with helping, including sports injuries, have some significant risks for increasing future injuries.  Recently I have reviewed a combination of articles that clarify the broad misunderstanding about these products and the clear picture that in addition to their more serious risks, they are potentially causing many long term musculo-skeletal problems, like increased ligament, tendon and bone problems. Unfortunately, besides being commonly used by adults, these are frequently used with younger athletes and the long term consequences of the adverse affects on these kids is yet to be realized.    

Let me clarify, the information available does not question the anti-inflammatory and pain relief these meds may provide. It is clear these products provide short term symptomatic relief. Rather, these articles look at increased mortality risk, excess bleeding and increased risk of long-term musculoskeletal problems for the benefit of some temporary relief and short term recovery. 

NSAID's are used extensively worldwide, with over 60 million Americans using them regularly.  Estimates report as many as 16,500 NSAID-related deaths annually among arthritis patients alone taking these drugs on a daily basis, with up to 120,000 hospital admissions each year due to gastro-intestinal complications from NSAID's.  In spite of this, NSAID's are still considered a valid option for patients with chronic pain, as medically there are limited options for treating these patients.  This includes patients with both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout and tension headaches.

Fortunately as alternative practitioners, we have many comprehensive options for helping patients with chronic pain conditions.  Much of our most rewarding results come with helping patients with chronic pain.  In the future I will complete an article on how comprehensive care can make a tremendous difference for these patients. 

But let's go back to the other group of frequent musculoskeletal injuries.  This includes everything from sprains, strains, tendonitis, and fractures.  There has been extensive research into the use of NSAID's during acute injury healing.  While a majority of this research used animal models and has been mostly ignored, there are some human studies which yielded significant findings.  The problem is that the methods used on the animals can't be done on humans, and some would claim should not have been done on animals either.  However, here you can see how we learn some very important information with animal studies. 

Most of this research involves creating specific injuries to tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles, including rotator cuff injuries, knee ligament sprains, patellar tendon damage and leg fractures.  In all cases they compared groups that were given NSAID's to control groups that were given nothing.  After reviewing tissue healing microscopically and functionally, it was found that in all cases the NSAID groups had delayed healing!  The groups taking NO medications had faster and stronger tissue healing. 

What is critical to understand here is that the normal healing process goes through three necessary and specific phases.  The first of those phases is the Inflammatory Phase, followed by tissue Proliferation and then tissue Remodeling. The inflammatory phase provides specific benefits to the healing process and creates the environment necessary for the remaining phases of tissue regeneration to be successful.
The problem we have faced is that animal studies are not respected in the medical literature, which I often understand, however in this case we are talking about clear tissue differences and human studies of this kind are not available.  

The human studies for these products haver primarily focused on the short term results of decreased pain and increased mobility.  However, there is one very good example using humans where they did more than just pain and swelling analysis.  

This involved Australian army recruits who sustained ankle sprains.  Immediately after their injuries they were either given an NSAID or a placebo.  The NSAID group had less pain, more rapid recovery and more rapid normalization of exercise endurance, and less time lost from activity.  Interestingly enough, when I first read about this study that was where it left off (by the way this was funded by Pfizer, the makers of the specific NSAID used).  However, after a more thorough review it was revealed that the researchers also performed orthopedic testing designed to assess the integrity of the ligaments of the ankle.  These specific tests showed that the NSAID patients had a far greater level of ankle instability than those left untreated.  The NSAID group also had significantly less range of motion and at 6 months had greater swelling remaining. 

Based on further research, Ross Hauser, M.D. states "in the case of acute ligament injuries, NSAID's should be used for the shortest period of time possible, if used at all." He also stated that NSAID's are no longer recommended for chronic soft tissue injuries, and their use is cautioned in athletes who have ligament injuries.

Next month I will follow with an article that presents alternatives for the chronic pain patient and later for the acute injury patient also.

Introducing Curcuplex 95 - A Game Changer!

Many of you have probably heard a lot about Turmeric and it's most potent component, Curcumin, over the past few years.  This is most likely due to the great deal of promise and marketing around these ingredients.  I keep a number of Curcumin products on hand and have used them in specific situations over the past couple of years.  However, I have not promoted these products heavily until recently as there have been some significant issues with absorption and side effects.  

The good news is the latest version of this ingredient, which at this time is only available through two of my professional companies, represents a huge leap forward in absorption and therefore, clinical benefits, without side-effects for most people. 

When it comes to all plant based products and extracts, the form and quality is critical. This new patented form, BCM-95 Curcumin, aka Curcuplex 95, is far superior in it's absorption. It is 6x's better absorbed and remains in the blood much longer than the prior improved versions that used black pepper extract piperine. This means much better health outcomes, far fewer capsules and almost no side-effects. Additionally, they have found no toxicity issues using very large doses of Curcumin, far more than we normally would use. 

There has been a lot of research on Curcumin and the primary areas of benefit are: Arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid), Gastro-intestinal (Crohn's Dis., Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Antiviral (including Epstein Barr and HIV), Antibacterial and Antiparasitic.  It offers Cardio-Vascular protection via reducing LDL cholesterol, increasing HDL cholesterol and reducing oxidation of cholesterol, a critical component of heart health.  Additionally, it reduces platelet aggregation and fibrinogen, both risk factors for atherosclerosis.  Brain protection includes benefits following brain injury, and protecting against specific brain tumors and potential benefits in MS patients.  Anti-Depression effects in chronically depressed patients, with positive mood enhancements within 4-8 weeks.  Healthy Liver support, enhancing bile flow and reducing damage due to alcohol and aflatoxins.  Regarding Cancer, curcurmin benefits result from reducing normal cells converting to cancer cells, decreasing tumor formation, and decreasing metastasis.  It also can enhance the effect of chemotherapy, while reducing the toxic effects of chemo.  

These broad benefits of high quality curcumin are due to the vast influences on a broad spectrum of cell types.  The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits are significant contributors to these outcomes, but research shows that the benefits are far more complex than just these two critical aspects of health.  

Fortunately for now, with this form of curcurmin being so much more superior than others, I can recommend this product to the vast majority of my patients over 40 and many who are younger. Depending on the desired benefit, dosing will range from 1 - 3 per day. 

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any specific questions regarding Curcuplex 95, our new preferred curcumin product.  Also, see our product of the month specials this month for an special introductory offer on Curcuplex 95..

Regemax Upgrade!

Regenemax Plus is an upgrade to our great and popular product, Regenemax.  For those of you unfamiliar with Regenemax, it is for improving collagen levels in skin (reducing fine lines), hair, nails and bones.  It has significant research showing it's effectiveness in all these areas.  We have seen very good results with it in the clinic for approximately 5 years now.  If you want a more detailed article about Regenemax, please click here 

Now Regenemax has been upgraded to include a significant amount of Biotin, 10 mg. per serving.  Normally this amount of Biotin would cost about $7.00, however the increase in the cost is only $2.50, so this is quite a deal.  

Biotin itself has benefits for skin irritation, skin health, as well as hair and nail strength and thickness.  Additionally, these ingredients work on different aspects of the biochemistry of collagen health, therefore they should be complimentary.  

If you read the more extensive article on Regenemax you will see that our collagen formation slowly declines from as early as our 20's, and is the primary protein in all our connective tissue.  So, better collagen production means healthier tissue proteins.

Products of the Month: Curcuplex 95 and Regenemax Plus

Buy 1 CurcuPlex-95 or 1 Regenemax Plus and you get a 10% savings. 
Buy 2 or more of either product and you get a 15% savings!  
This offer is good until Aug. 31.  

Quote of the Month

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.  Live your life in such a manner that when you die the world cries and you rejoice."
Old Native American saying 

In Closing

Lately I have seen more and more complex new patients who have suffered for far longer and more severely than I can imagine.  The good news is that most often I can see a path to helping them towards a healthier and better quality of life.  The other benefit is that it is a reminder for me to be grateful for good health and to make an ongoing effort to continue to maintain it in my life, and the lives of my many patients.

Yours in Health, Dr. Dale

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