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Here we are more than half way through the Holiday Season.  I hope you are making "mostly" healthy choices and having a lot of fun with family and friends.  

This newsletter will mostly be about getting ready for the beginning of 2016.  We have some great options to help you get started on right foot and get you thinking about how much healthier you want to be in this coming year.  

I will follow up in our January newsletter in more detail about ways to look at the multiple aspects of your life, which will support you in making clear choices for advancing your wellness for 2016!

New Years Hours

This week we will be Closed New Years Day, but I will be in the clinic on New Years Eve, in the morning.  Please call ASAP if you want to get in that day.  Sorry, no Champagne while working. 

Infection Season Update II

Luckily we have hit a bit of a lull.  November and the first half of December were quite concentrated with multiple types of infections.  With all the travel that is taking place this holiday season, I expect another spike within the first week or two of the New Year.  So, as usual, please be prepared. 

Our infection protocols have done very well.  Due to the great demand nationally, with more and more people choosing nutritional support for their infections, all of my suppliers have run short of a number of key infection products.  When that happens, my staff will check with me as to which alternatives are best for your condition.  We are almost back to full stock of our immune products as the companies are catching up. 

Please email me if you have any immune questions.

Dr. Dale's Recovery and Rejuvenation Program

After the holiday season, this is a great way to get a jump start on returning to a much healthier you.  This program is primarily for patients who have been on a nutritional and/or weight loss program with me in the past.  If you have been on a Dr. Dale program, and you now feel the need to Recover and Rejuvenate at the start of our new year to just feel better and/or get rid of that 3 - 10+ pound weight gain (i.e., following the holidays, or just a period of too many "dietary indiscretions"), this is a simple, very specific, healthy way to quickly replace some less-than-ideal habits, recover your well-being and vitality, and drop those extra pounds, all while saving time and money.  I have done this with over a thousand patients and the results are predictable: you feel better and you get healthier.
The R&R daily routine can be done for one to three weeks, and if you follow it properly, most patients lose anywhere from 2 - 7 pounds the first week and 1 - 3 pounds each week thereafter!  It is simple and timesaving.  You will most likely feel noticeably healthier within the first 3 - 5 days, and the cost of your rejuvenation product is usually less than you would normally be spending on your "usual meals."

So, if you are ready to go, either stop by the clinic and pick up the instructions or follow these links to download the Rejuvenation Program and the Rejuvenation Soup. Alternatively, you may send Dr. Dale a note via [email protected] and he will send you the handout.  Our handout includes a recipe for Dr. Dale's Recovery and Rejuvenation Soup, which makes this even easier and tastier.

This program is easy to follow and you are rewarded with feeling noticeably better within a few days.  Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding my Recovery and Rejuvenation Program via my email address listed above.

Vibeke's Restart your Health in Just 5 Weeks Class Coming Soon!

Our very own Vibeke Wieland, MA, NTP, will be delivering a 5 week Restart Your Health Program, beginning the second week of January!  This program is focused on weight loss, diet, sugar detox, digestion, and healthy fats.  Please download the flyer here for more information and call our office to sign up before it fills up, spaces are limited!

Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group, this empowering class is great for anyone who wants to be healthier in the new year.  For those already doing well on our program, this class will provide additional education and support to assist them in achieving even greater results.

Save with our Products of the Month Special

To support your decision to start 2016 with our Recovery and Rejuvenation Program, as well as our many patients who prefer to use one of our cleanse powders as a daily breakfast, Opti-Cleanse, our New Opti-Cleanse Sugar and Stevia Free, and Bio-Cleanse products will be 10% off starting Monday, Jan. 4, through the end of the month.  Please take advantage of this savings and the great benefits of these products for your health and waistline.  

Opti-Cleanse Sugar and Stevia Free is a new product that is identical to our Opti-Cleanse except that it has no added sugar or stevia.  It uses a natural Monk Fruit extract to provide a pleasant sweet taste.  This also makes it an even better product for balancing blood sugar for most patients.

Quote of the Month

"Success is not final.  Failure is not final.  It is the courage to go on that counts."  


In Closing

It's that time when we all tend to reflect on goals for the coming year, and hopefully that includes our health goals.  This is a natural and intelligent tendency as our health usually affects all other aspects of our lives.  

The healthier we feel, the more we are able to accomplish all of our other goals.  The good news is, when you have the proper resources and support, getting healthier is actually quite simple and predictable. 

My staff and I are here as your real health resource that continually strives to support you in your health goals.  One of my goals each year is to find better and more effective ways to support you in attaining your goals.  Wether that be a new therapy in the clinic (like our PEMF equipment for last year), new and better nutritional products, or more educational options (like Vibeke's Restart Program).  Last year we even moved the clinic so we now have an elevator for those patients who need one.  

I look forward to rolling out new and more effective tools for you and your loved ones in the beginning of this year and I'm sure more will be coming as our year progresses. 

Please let me know if you have any needs or suggestions along these lines and please, help us help others, by letting them know what we do.  You can even forward this newsletter to your friends as a simple way to support them in having a Healthier and Happier 2016!

To a Very Healthy 2016 for You and Yours, Dr. Dale

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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