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Happy Belated Valentines Day!  February is appropriately National Heart Month.  Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of misunderstanding regarding heart health and the best tests available to identify various heart attack risk factors.

My commitment is to provide you, your family and your friends the necessary information to better understand this arena and have a clear picture of what you can do to be heart healthy. 

I strongly encourage all of you to be current with your understanding of where you are on the spectrum of preventing the number one cause of death in both men and women in America.  

The very good news is that heart disease can be detected very early and there are many healthy steps you can take that will dramatically reduce your risk of dying of this disease.

Please read below to see all the Heart Healthy options we have for you.

Farmhouse Inn

Laurie and I had a great getaway to the Farm House Inn a couple of weeks ago.  If you are looking for a charming, comfortable, delicious place to stay in Sonoma county, we can enthusiastically recommend them.  Here is their link if you are interested.  http://www.farmhouseinn.com/

Dr. Dale's Most Important Class for Everyone Over 40!  Understanding Your Heart, Heart Attack Risks and the Key Steps to Creating Heart Health.  

Attend this Class and you will understand why 80% of the people taking statin medications don't need to, and how they are at risk if they do!

What Really Matters about Your Cholesterol.  How cholesterol testing is misleading and the new cholesterol test that is by far the most important.  

How to Trasform Unhealthy Cholesterol in Healthy Cholesterol!

The different types of heart attacks and how to avoid all of them!

The 3 Most Important Tests for clarifying if you are at risk, and what your best steps are to minimize that risk. 

Are You Confused?  Dr. Dale will help clarify how to avoid the confusion from the mountain of information out there on heart health as well as how to stay focused on those lifestyle factors, which will promote a healthy heart while creating a lifetime of wellness. 

When: Tuesday, February 28th, 6:00 - 7:30 PM 

Where: Upstairs at the clinic.

For: All patients over 40 and their family and friends.  

To register for this Free Class, Please call the office and let us know you are coming, 

(805) 687-0533, and the names of any guests you will be bringing.  Also, please be a few minutes early for class so we can start on time. I look forward to seeing you there.

Heart Scan Special for Feb.
One of the Three Most Important Heart Tests

Because February is National Heart Month, Cottage Hospital is offering a Heart Scan special.  The test is $150, rather than their normal price of $350, and research has shown it to be the best predictor of heart attack risk or risk of heat disease.

I am a big proponent of this test.  It detects ANY amount of hard plaque build-up in the arteries of your heart.  The total amount of plaque tells us how much calcium is present your coronary arteries, your Coronary Calcium Score, allowing us to identifiy risks to your heart health at their very earliest stages.

Traditional Stress Tests usually do not begin to pick up plaque until it has blocked an artery by 70%!  At that point the patients' options are either a stent, treatment with a balloon to open up the artery (angioplasty), or bypass surgery, depending upon the severity of the situation.  In fact, a Heart Scan has allowed me to diagnose patients with other heart problems that would have otherwise gone undetected until they became much more serious.

I recommend a Heart Scan for everyone over 40.  Early detection is critical, as we have lifestyle and nutritional steps that can greatly slow the progress of plaque, stop it and even reverse it in some cases.  This is very important because plaque averages a 30% increase per year, once it is established. 

If you want to have this test, call the office and let them know so I can write you a requisition.  The test only takes about 15 minutes, and the amount of radiation is relatively small, similar to what we get from walking around on earth for a year.

If your test score comes back a 0, which the majority of my patients do, then I will just call and let you know you don't need another test for 5 years.  If there is any positive score, or if this is a follow up test to monitor your progress since your last test, then we will schedule a follow up visit.

I would be happy to write a requisition for any of your family members who are currently not patients that would like to take this important test.

By the way, the American Heart Association has finally agreed with me on this.  They say this test is more powerful than even the best non-invasive test for predicting a heart attack, or other coronary episode, even in apparently healthy people.

A Great Testimonial

I am now 51 years old.  In 2007, at age 47, I was diagnosed with Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma, a very rare cancer.  I am sure everyone can imagine the fear and uncertainty one faces at such a time.  Suffice to say I took every advantage of every medical advancement available.  I had surgery, I had 19 weeks of external radiation, I had brachytherapy (internal radiation treatment) and I did ongoing oral chemotherapy.  Needless to say, though these treatments may help to eradicate cancer they are absolutely horrible on the rest of your body.  The last day of December 2009 was the last day I did chemo. 

The chemo I was on was destroying my bones, muscle and other soft tissue.  My feet, legs and hips hurt so terribly it was difficult to get out of bed, then to have to actually walk, take a step, took everything I had in me.  Maintaining any semblance of a normal life was difficult, at best. Aside from the pain, I blew up like a balloon adding about 35 pounds. I didn't just feel horrible... I looked horrible.  My hair was bad, my skin was bad, I was fat and puffy.  But worst of all, I hurt...all the time and was extremely fatigued. Additionally, I had swollen ankles, night sweats, persistently loose bowels, I was keyed up, had chills, calf and feet cramps, dry skin and my nails had become very weak. 

My Brother and Sister-in-law referred me to Dr. Dale.  After reviewing my history, blood work, and other labs he started me on a path to wellness.  I began September 2011 and in very short order I began to feel 'human' again.  I've lost about 20 pounds and now have the energy to keep pace with my 4 and 6 yr old grandchildren.  The fatigue I suffered is gone and I can work 12 hour days with energy all day.  I am virtually pain free.  My hips, legs and feet no longer ache and I am walking 3 miles 5 days a week.  My nights sweats and hot flashes are gone so I am sleeping better.  My swelling is gone and I'm looking and feeling like my old self again.  The overall change is simply amazing.  The remarkable thing is that it wasn't just one 'problem' that was remedied, it has been a 'whole' solution.  I can actually say that everyday I feel better than I did the day before.  I look forward now with anticipation.  Thanks, Dr. Dale, for helping me.


Another Most Important Heart Health Test

The Omega 3 Index Test is a Heart Health test that is "far more important than traditional cholesterol tests", and quite possibly the single most important health Bio-Marker available today.

The Heart Scan and Omega 3 Index Test are each important, as they measure very different markers of Cardio-Vascular Risk. The Heart Scan is the best test for detecting atherosclerosis (hard plaque) at an early stage, where as the Omega-3 Index Test clarifies if your risk for heart attacks from soft plaque has been dramatically reduced.

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA/DHA, help fight disease by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels, joints, and elsewhere in the body.  They also decrease the risk for an abnormal heart rhythm, reduce levels of unhealthy fats in the bloodstream, slow the rate of plaque build up in the blood vessels and can lower heart rate and dramatically reduce the risk of dying from a soft plaque rupture.  Relative to Heart Attack risk, when your Omega 3 Index is in the ideal range, your risk of Sudden Cardiac Death is 90% reduced when compared to the range most Americans are in!

Having your EPA/DHA levels in the ideal range provides cardio-vascular protection far greater than any single medication.  Some experts have concluded it offers better protection than 5 different heart medications would provide, and this comes from a nutrient that has extremely low levels of complications and provides many other health benefits.  Long term use of Omega 3's are associated with reduced risk of other diseases, from Age Related Dementia, including Alzheimer's, Age Related Macular Degeneration and numerous mental/emotional conditions.  Additionally, a recent study published in JAMA indicates that a high Omega-3 Index may slow the biological aging process.

The other nice aspect of this test is that it is a simple take home test, which anyone can do. It takes about 5 minutes (most of the time is spent filling out the form) and is dropped in the mail on the same day you do the test.  I usually receive your results within 3 days and most of the time I just call to let you know your results and how optimal your intake of Omega 3's, specifically EPA/DHA, is.

I strongly recommend this test for all my patients over 40, or at times for athletes who are younger or children with specific health challenges. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this test.

Be Smart and Order Your Omega 3 Index Test Today. If you want to take this test, just call or stop by the clinic and pick one up. You can also pick one up for any family member over 40 years old. My price for this test is just $159.  The company's suggested retail price is $199.

Closing Thoughts

Make a point this year to Be Smart and Take Care of Your Heart.  Doing what it takes to know your risk of heart disease and a heart attack is relatively simple and not that expensive.

Taking the necessary lifestyle steps to get heart healthy and dramatically reduce your risks are both relatively easy and usually result in feeling noticeably healthier overall, in a short period of time.

Lastly, with these non-invasive, sophisticated tests, and my guidance, we can follow your progress over time and make sure the steps you are taking are effective. 

Heart Disease is the number one killer in America and you can quite effectively, dramatically reduce any likelihood that you will be part of that statistic, and at the same time feel great.

Quote of the Month

"Success comes in cans, failure comes in can'ts."


Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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