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February is National Heart Awareness Month. The interesting fact is that everyone in America is well aware that Heart Attacks are the number one cause of death in America.

Given this fact, it is amazing how little most Americans know about heart attacks, like the different kinds of heart attacks, and most importantly the keys to minimizing your risk of a heart attack.

Worst yet, to be honest, many medical doctors don't understand the cause of heart attacks either. They still think it's all about cholesterol, in spite of considerable evidence to the contrary. In recent years more and more M.D.'s actually recognize this and are writing about it.

If you want to understand this most important health subject and what to do for yourself and loved ones to keep yourself from being another heart statistic in America, please attend my Optimal Heart Class this month (see the promo below).

Dr. Dale's Optimal Heart Health and Heart Attack Prevention Class 

 In the past 6 months I have seen three New Patients who had heart attacks before seeing me. In each case, their heart attacks would have been prevented with if they had the proper testing, not the testing Cardiologists usually order.

The important test that would have picked up key issues ahead of time will be covered in detail in this class. Additionally, I will be covering the other Key Test that everyone over 40 years of age should take to dramatically decrease their risk of a heart attack.

Other key topics in this class include; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Statin Drugs (clarifying who benefits from Statins and who does not), The Causes of Heart Disease and how to Avoid Ever Having a Heart Attack, and The Nutritional Path to a Healthy Heart for Life.

The Class will be at the Clinic on Thursday, Feb. 28th from 6:00 to 7:15. If you are interested in attending this Complimentary Class, please call the clinic at 687-0533 and let them know that you are coming and any guests you will be bringing. Free snack provided. This is a great class for that loved one you may be concerned about and want to have around for a much longer time.

Concussion and Brain Injury Recovery Program

 I am surprised at the number of Brain Injury patients that I see. Some of these are past patients who hit their heads in a nasty fall and still have problems weeks later when they finally come in to see me. Others are New Patients who came in for serious problems they were still having 6 months to years after their initial injury. Their symptoms can be as subtle as cognitive dysfunction, while some remain quite debilitating with persistent headaches, fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration, etc. In cases of post stroke patients, even more severe symptoms are seen.

The good news is that for the majority of these patients, we are able to have them feeling noticeably better within 1 - 2 weeks, sometimes in a matter of days. When I first used this combination of products, sometimes combined with treatment, I was actually amazed at the results. In one post stroke case I considered it a miracle, a word I do not use lightly.

The recovery protocol always takes a while to get the maximum improvement, and at times parts of their protocol are necessary as an ongoing nutritional support plan to maintain their improved brain function. However, these are almost always patients who have not seen any improvement for over 6 months or more and traditional medicine has nothing to offer them except maybe an anti-vertigo prescription medication.

In the few cases where we don't get any results I am able to tell it is not working within a month, and these have always been patients with some brain damage due to a stroke.

So Please, help me help others by spreading the word to anyone you know who has any recurring symptoms from a past brain injury, I'd love to help them.

Your Most Important Heart Tests

It's that time of year again, to find out how you are doing on your heart health. The two most important tests toward this end are The Heart Scan and The Omega 3 Index Test.

The Heart Scan will very clearly show if you are at risk for a heart attack, and if so, how at risk. It will also show if you have a low risk. Many people who believe they are at risk, because of family history or high cholesterol levels, actually have a very low risk of a heart attack and this test will clarify that. This test will also let us know if you are at a greater risk than may be expected, and if further testing is necessary. This test has shown that the majority of my patients, even those over 50, have a very low risk.

The very quick test is done at Cottage Hospital Imaging Center, and if you are interested they have a Special Price of only $150. This exceptionally low as some centers in the U.S. charge over $600 for the same test! I will provide you and anyone in your family a with referral to get the heart scan.

The other most important heart health test is the Omega 3 Index. Developed by Richard Harris, Ph.D., a leading Omega 3 researcher at the Univ. of S. Dakota, this test very specifically clarifies if you are getting enough Omega 3's, specifically EPA and DHA. These are the two most protective Omega 3 components, necessary to minimize your risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. This is a simple take home test that we carry; you do the test at home, drop it in the mail, and it provides us with a very detailed analysis of your omega levels.

If you are interested in more information, follow this link to my website where I have more comprehensive articles on each test.

Latest Update on Infection Season

As you are all aware this is still a nasty infection season with many new infections still showing up. As the season has gone on I have evolved our protocols and we are getting very good results with some new preventative steps. I have also developed a great new protocol for anyone with a Sinus Infection, the nastiest of the infections this year.

Currently, I recommend for preventative measures a breakfast dose of 3-4 Im-Encap and 2 IgG2000. This will serve to provide some extra stimulus for your immune system and increase your chances of warding off the bugs, or at least giving you an upper edge if you do come down with something.

If you come down with an infection, ramp up to normal full Infection Protocol doses of both of those products, or Immune Balancing Complex in place of Im-Encap.

If you have any signs of a Sinus Infection, add Para Biotic Plus at 2 per meal (6/day) to the above
infection protocol. This has made a big difference in these most challenging infections.

Of course if you have the flu, body aches, fever, chills, then the Im-Encap or Immune Balancing, combined with IgG2000, and Humacel are the key combination.

Please call the clinic for an appointment if your infection does not respond within 3 days of starting the protocol or if it persists for more than 10 days. Feel free to call with any questions. 

Product of the Month

Many patients have taken the very healthy step of doing my Recovery and Rejuvenation Program that I covered last month. If you missed that article you can review it by going here.

To support those patients and anyone taking advantage of our popular Meal Replacement Powders, from now until March 21st, we will have a special discount on OptiCleanse and the two Bio-Cleanse products. By 2 or more at a time and get 10% off our usual price. Great products at a great price.

Quote of the Month

"The First Wealth is Health."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Closing

Some simple changes, starting now and followed through to the end of the year, is all it takes to end 2013 much healthier than you are now.

Maximizing our Heart Health, and doing all we can to minimize our risk of Heart Disease and Preventing any Heart Attacks should be one of the top goals for everyone over 40. The good news is with the right steps taken this can be accomplished at a very high rate. Let's make sure this is one of your health focuses if you are in that age group. 

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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