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February is National Heart Awareness Month!  The great thing about Heart Awareness is learning what you can do to dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.  Understanding this subject and taking the appropriate steps will help you avoid being one of the 500,000 Americans who die from heart disease each year.  

Heart disease is one of the easier conditions to monitor and dramatically minimize your risk of dieing from.  Of course, that is IF you have the right information.  
Please read my article below on the latest research showing that, as usual, the information most Americans have received on this topic has lead to millions of needless deaths.

Dr. Dale's New Hours

Starting Monday, March 3rd, my new hours will be as follows.  
Monday, Wed. and Friday 8:00 - 1:00.  
Tues. and Thursday 2:00 - 6:00.  

I am now in the clinic 5 days a week and this new schedule slightly expands my total hours.  

Coming in March - Dr. Dale's Heart, Weight Loss and Brain Health Class!

On Wed. March 12th, I will present a Class on How to Create a Lifetime of Wellness, while Avoiding a Heart Attack, Achieving Your Ideal Weight, and Protecting Your Brain!  
This class will be take place from 6:00 - 7:30, upstairs at the clinic.  It is no cost for you or your guests, and we will provide a snack.  
This will be very interesting, informative and you will leave with a much better understanding of the actions you can take to minimize your risks of Heart Disease, Excess Weight and Early Onset Mental Decline and Disease. 
To attend, please call 805-687-0533 asap, as seating is limited.

A Very Important Message About Heart Health

It is very sad and frustrating to me when I hear on the news about someone who just died of a heart attack.  Of course this is usually someone famous, like James Gandolfini, who died last summer while on vacation in Italy, found on the floor of his hotel room, by his 13 year old son.  In Gandolfini's case, as in many of the cases where the person is under 70 years of age (sometimes even in their 30's and 40's), it is defined as a Sudden Cardiac Death.  The great news is that the risk associated with this form of heart attack mortality can be reduced by up to 90% through specific nutritional support.  
Unfortunately, in almost all of these cases, these individuals do not have a doctor who is recommending that support.  Often, they are recommending Statin drugs.  These can reduce heart attack risk for patients with heart disease by only 25%.  In rare cases, they may actually recommend fish oil, but not necessarily a good fish oil, and almost never enough to maximally reduce their risk of Sudden Cardiac Death.
With the right doctor and nutritional management plan, the majority of these individuals would still be alive, and spending time with their families.  To me that is the really sad part of this dilemma. 
Although we usually only hear about this when it happens to celebrities, it is shocking to me how often this occurs in our area.  Just last year, a very successful and nice surgeon who I had referred patients to, died of a heart attack.  He was younger than me, exercised, was not overweight, a smart man. Unfortunately, even most doctors don't know of the nutritional components that can save their own lives. 
Please be smart, take the right steps and do everything you can to prevent this cause of a severely premature death and be sure to read my articles below on the Most Important Heart Tests. 

Your Most Important Heart Health Tests

It's that time of year again, to find out how you are doing on your heart health.  The two most important tests toward this end are The Heart Scan and The Omega 3 Index Test.  
The Heart Scan will very clearly show if you are at risk for a heart attack, and if so, to what degree.   Many people who believe they are at risk, because of family history or high cholesterol levels, actually have a very low risk of a heart attack and this test will clarify that.  Alternatively, this will also let us know if you are at a greater risk than may be expected, and if further testing is necessary.  Fortunately, this test has confirmed the majority of my patients have a very low risk of having a heart attack, even for those over 50.  Often times the results reveal NO atherosclerosis at all!
This very quick test is done at Pueblo Radiology and Cottage Hospital Imaging Center. If you are interested, they both have a Special Price of only $150.  This is exceptionally low as some centers in the U.S. charge over $600 for the same test!  I will provide you and anyone in your family a with referral to get the heart scan. 
The other most important heart health test is The Omega 3 Index.  Developed by Richard Harris, Ph.D., a leading Omega 3 researcher at the Univ. of S. Dakota, this test very specifically clarifies if you are getting enough Omega 3's, specifically EPA and DHA.  These are the two most protective Omega 3 components necessary to minimize your risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.  This is a simple take home test that we carry; you do the test at home, drop it in the mail, and it provides us with a very detailed analysis of your omega levels, letting us know if you are getting maximum protection from Omega 3's!
If you are interested in more information, follow this link to my website where I have more comprehensive articles on each test. 

Quote of the Month

"Hope is the only thing that is stronger than fear"
 The Hunger Games - President Snow (Donald Sutherland character)

In Closing

A wise man once taught me that "Clarity yielded power"!  In the realm of our health, it is very powerful and very important to be clear on how healthy we want to be.  And specifically, in what ways we want to be healthier.  Do we want more energy, less risk of specific diseases, better or more sleep or to be within a specific weight range?

Take 5 minutes right now and just write down how you would like to be healthier this year.  Be clear and then make it even more powerful by sharing it with someone else.  Be sure to also pass it on to me, either via email or at your next appointment.  

I'll be sure we come up with a plan for getting you there and keeping you on the path to realizing your clearly defined health goals. 

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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