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Announcing Our New Website!

Hurray, finally our new Website is here!  The Home Page of the new website looks different, but pretty much has the same information and really is more for visitors than patients.  However, the exciting part of this new website is the Member Topics.  This section is for you, my existing patients', and requires a login and password.  Within this section you will find all kinds of resources at your fingertips, like: Recipes from Dr. Dale, Immune Protocols (in case you lost yours), articles on specific nutritional products that I recommend, copies of my diet (again in case you lost yours), and many other tips, articles and frequently asked questions!

As time goes by, more and more articles will go into this section, and eventually we will have a complete Wellness Library that you can depend on for all your health info.  This will make it even easier for you to Create a Lifetime of Wellness with Vitality and Longevity!

How to Log-In

After you have opened the new website at www.santabarbarawellnessforlife.com you will see all of the content organized in the left column.  Follow these instructions to gain access the the Patients Only section.

  • Scroll down the page until you see "Member Topics", then click on the "+" next to it.
  • Click "Sign Up" below the log-in boxes that drop down.
  • A new screen will open to the right, where you will enter all your personal information.
  • Although not required, we encourage you to enter your birthdate as well.
  • After you have completed all the fields, click "Submit" on the bottom of the screen.
  • That's it, you are all set up!  Your account will be activated usually within the day, except weekends, giving you unlimited access to all patient resources.
  • If you have any questions or problems, click "Email the Doctor" at the top of the screen and send us a message, so we may help you the best we can.

Dr. Dale Gone Skiing

 Laurie, me, the kids, our best friends, their kids and a few other kids (7 in all), will be leaving for Lake Tahoe on Monday, Jan. 19th and I won't be back in the clinic until Monday the 26th.  So, if you need to get in before I leave, please call right away, and during the time I'm gone, please be sure to see Dr. Kara for your health care needs.  She'll take good care of you.  

Healthy Weight Loss Class: Thursday January 29th!

Please mark this down and call your friends, Thursday, Jan. 29th, from 6:00 - 7:15, at the clinic, Dr. Dale's Healthy Weight Loss Class, at No Charge, is back!

If I must say so myself, this is the most informative, interesting and motivating class on the subject around.  By the end of the presentation, you will understand: 1). How to go from the fat storage business into the fat burning business!  2). The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the many different diet fads and weight loss products in America.  Why and How, You Can Do Better.  3). How losing weight in a healthy way will dramatically improve your health, sense of well-being, and reduce your risk of the most dangerous diseases.  4). The Keys to reaching your "ideal weight" and how to maintain your "Weight Loss for Life"! Come and learn all about The Problem, The Causes and The Solution to the weight problem in America.

Special Offer: If you are an existing patient, and you bring a non-patient friend or family member to attend this class, you will receive a free gift of 5 Nano-Green Travel Packets.  Also, any guest who attends that night, will have the opportunity to sign up as a new patient at no charge for their first visit.  A complimentary, history and examination (normally an $95 visit)!

To register for this Free Class: Please call the office and let us know you are coming (687-0533), and the names of any guests you will be bringing.  Also, please be a few minutes early for class so we can start on time.  I look forward to seeing you there.


Stress Resistance Package

As we all know, with the current economic challenges our country is going through, stress levels for people are even higher than usual.  The 3 key products for maximizing your body's ability to resist the affects of stress are Maxx Stress B (two half teaspoons per day is ideal, one time per day is the least amount you want to take), Q. Coral Complex (6 per day or Coral Legends 1 teaspoon per day) and Bio-Adreno (2 breakfast and 2 lunch).  This combination of products will not only increase your resistance to stress, but also help your bones, muscles, sleep quality, energy levels and brain function. There are actually many other benefits of this combination, and if you want a greater understanding of the many benefits, please go to the nutritional products section of our website and read about each product individually.  This is a combination you can have your spouse take and most of the time, they are going to notice feeling better with a few days.

Regarding Bio-Adreno, for most people this product is very beneficial, however, there are about 2 out of 100 individuals who when they start this product, can feel overly energetic, possibly anxious, nervous, etc.. These patients should stop this product and check with me regarding alternatives.  

To add a little helping hand, this package for the next month will be on sale (actually until February 14th), there will be a ten percent discount when you buy a 2 pack of B's, a bottle of Coral Complex or Legends, and a bottle of Bio-Adreno. Of course please let me know if you have any questions regarding this combination or any of the individual products. 


Immune Update

The infection season so far has been about average.  As usual there have been peaks and valleys as to the frequency and severity of the infections.  The good news is that our protocol has been working very well for the vast majority of patients, especially when they begin the protocol soon after their first symptoms.  This habit of getting right on the project, makes a huge difference minimizing the severity of the infection.  

For those who have had a more severe infection or are slower to respond, we have an additional product that we use, which makes a big difference.  This product is called Myco Potent Immune Complex (MPIC as we call it in the office), it is a concentrated, liquid form of potent medicinal immune enhancing mushrooms.  The good news is the most patients love the fruity taste of the product, making it easy to take.  If you think you may need this product also, the best thing to do is make an appointment asap and I can test to see if it is likely to be effective for you, or give me a call at the office. 

Post Holiday Rejuvenation Program

If the holidays won the battle and now you feel the need to recover and rejuvenate and lose that extra 3 -10 pound weight gain, then this is a simple, straightforward, healthy way to quickly drop those few extra pounds and recover your well-being and vitality.

This can be done in one to three weeks, and if you are doing everything properly, you should lose anywhere from 2 -7 pounds the first week and 1 - 3 pounds each week thereafter.  Additionally, it is time saving and you will most likely feel noticeably healthier within the first 3 -5 days.  An added huge benefit, is that this will greatly assist you in breaking many of the old habits that have snuck back into your life, which are putting the weight on, and compromising your ability to feel great!

So, if you are ready to feel better and be slimmer, just call the office at 687-0533 and let the staff know that you are "Ready for Rejuvenation"!  They will set up your appointment, and by the time you leave that day, you will have the program in hand, including the necessary recipes.  One stop at the market and you will be ready to go.  Call now, feel better, and be slimmer by this time next week!


I am very excited about supporting you and your loved ones in this more comprehensive manner.  In the coming months you will be seeing much more content in the "members section", which will further your progress along the road to a very healthy 2009, and way beyond.  

Yours in Health, Be Well, Dr. Dale

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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