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Here we are at the Beginning of 2013 and a great time to re-focus on what really matters to us. It's another year with another opportunity to get even healthier than we were last year.  

Toward that end, please read below, be ready to fend off the Cold and Flu Season, reach that ideal weight you would love to be at, and create a clear picture of the key changes you want to make this year.  Write this down, share it with me and I'll support you in reaching those goals. 

Dr. Dale's Expanded Hours
With the recent arrival of Dr. Kara and hubby Dan's new little girl, Reese, I've decided to expand my schedule to make sure all of you and your referrals can get in. 

Therefore, I have added 3 extra hours on Thursday morning.  Until further notice, I am now at the clinic on Thursdays from 9:30 - 12:30!

A Nasty Cold and Flu Season, What to Do!
December was as nasty a month for infections as I have seen in a long time; the frequency and severity of infections were very high.  I'm sure our severe and lengthy cold snap was a contributing factor.  However, even though the cold spell has passed and it feels like summer, many people are still carrying around the bugs and it is quite possible we will see things continue. 

At this point, for those who don't have an infection, I am recommending for further preventative measures a breakfast dose of 3-4 Im-Encap and 2 IgG2000.  This will serve to provide some extra stimulus for your immune system and increase your chances of warding off the bugs or at least giving you an upper edge if you do come down with something. 

Additionally, for anyone getting a sinus infection, please call an make an appointment right away.  This has been the most persistent of the infections and a few different protocols have proven to work best for different patients.  So, if you get a sinus infection, follow our usual protocols, but also get in asap so I can figure out which protocol for the sinus aspect is going to work best for you. 

This is a good time to be extra careful with diet and rest and your wellness nutrition protocol to additionally support your body's natural defenses.

Dr. Dale's Almost Famous Healthy Weight Loss Class Returns!
Mark your calendars and call your friends.  This Thursday night, Jan. 24th, from 6:00 - 7:15, upstairs at the clinic I will present, at no charge, my Healthy Weight Loss Class.  

This class is very interesting and informative. I cover extensively how most Americans are creating not only lots of extra weight, but many other health problems through their diet, and how what they eat affects everything from high cholesterol, to fatigue, blood pressure problems, cancer risk, sleep problems, diabetes, serious digestive problems and chronic pain and inflammation. 

This Class will cover: 
How to go from the fat storage business into the fat burning business!    
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the many different diet fads and weight loss products in America.
Why and How, You can do better.
How losing weight will dramatically improve your health, sense of well-being, and reduce your risk of the most dangerous diseases.
The Keys to Reaching Your Ideal Weight and Staying There for Life!

To register for this Free Class: Please call the office right away, and let us know you are coming (687-0533), and the names of any guests you will be bringing.

Our Recovery and Rejuvenation Program is Back!
It's that time of year again to recover from the past 2+ months of holiday partying and eating.  So, once again we are ready with our Recovery and Rejuvenation Program.  This is best for anyone who has done our Healthy Weight Loss program in the past and feels the need to get back to being healthier and lighter quickly.

The R&R Program is easy, time saving and for most people money saving too.  If you are ready to Rejuvenate, just call the clinic, make an appointment and we will have you ready to begin your R&R Program when you leave that day.

Quotes of the Month
Quotes of the Month
"Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have." 
-Winston Churchill

"Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night." 
-Dave Barry

In Closing
Some simple changes, starting now and followed through to the end of the year, is all it takes to end 2013 much healthier than you are now. 

As I said in my introduction, take a few minutes to write down how you would like to be healthier at the end of this year and share that with me.  I'll be sure we come up with a plan for getting you there. 

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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