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Summertime is here and hopefully that means lots of time outdoors, fresh air, exercise and lots of salads. We have some exciting announcements this month that should further support you getting healthier and healthier. And please always remember to let me know if you have any health care questions for yourself, family or friends.

Dr. Dale's Endless Nutritional Research

Along the lines of what you will be reading about in my Unhealthy Weight Loss vs. Healthy Weight Loss article, the world of nutrition is much more complex than most people would ever imagine. For example, there are probably 30+ forms of calcium on the market today. Among these there are huge differences in absorbability, in bio-availability to your cells once absorbed, and in the amount of other nutrients used processing the nutrients you just ate. As you can see with this one example, it's pretty complex.

A big part of my time out of the office is spent reading and reviewing different nutritional products. Since January of 2009, I have already reviewed over 125 new products. These are usually products designed by nutritional experts, to be used by licensed health care professionals like me. Occasionally, they are products that are designed by someone for mass marketing, like the weight loss products below.

Of those 125+ products, probably 100 of those are either not of the quality I require, or as in the weight loss article below, somehow I consider unhealthy, or are very similar to something I already have. Of the remaining 25, there is still much more research for me to do. After that I may get down to actually ordering 50% of these products and end up using only 5 - 10, which have impressed me as being very high quality and unique in some significant way. Once implemented into a patient's supplement schedule, I have to closely track my patients to make sure they experience the results I am expecting. Occasionally, I will try something and end up not being thrilled with the results, so I take it off my list.

However, the good news is that once in awhile something new comes around that is quite exciting. In those cases you will usually hear from me via an article in the office, in my newsletter, or on my website (or all 3). Usually the very exciting stuff is important for a significant portion of the population, rather than something I get to use with only a few people.

This month, and in the coming month, I have two new products that make all that research worthwhile, as they are products I am confident will have a significant impact on the health many of our patients.

A New Product for Vanity and Health

It's not often that you hear me talking about a product to improve ones looks. However, if it does so by improving your health I'm all for it.

This new clinically tested, patented product is RegenMax. Research performed at Vrije University in Brussels, Belgium, showed its effectiveness at reducing age related fine wrinkles by 19% in 20 weeks, while also helping thicken hair and strengthen nails. The really good news is that this is all done nutritionally, by efficiently nourishing the collagen, elastin and keratin in our bodies.

I got excited about this product when I first read about the influence that RegenMax has on collagen production in the body. Understanding how important a role collagen plays in our health and seeing the adverse affects of collagen decline in my patients is why I am so excited.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body because it is a key component of muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, bones and skin, as well as the corneas and lenses of our eyes. Collagen also strengthens blood vessels, which is very critical, as we get older (more on this later). My excitement is that this nutritional product has shown in research that it can have a positive influence on collagen production and therefore I expect real health benefits from this product for my patients.

We all recognize that skin, hair, and nails look better in youth. This is because in youth we have a rich abundance of collagen, elastin and keratin in our body. Unfortunately, our collagen, elastin and keratin levels begin to decline around the time we turn 18, with signs of this decline often showing as early as age 30. Women tend to show signs of this earlier than men, because their decline of collagen tends to happen more rapidly. If our collagen levels were to remain the same throughout our lifetime, we would undoubtedly look and function much more like we did when we were younger.

More good, but not surprising news is that further research on RegenMax at the University of London showed that it increased bone mineral density in women who were already taking their calcium and vitamin D, in just 12 months! It does this again by increasing the collagen formation in bone and also supporting the specialized cells in bones, which "build new bone". Improving collagen in bones not only makes them denser; it also makes them more flexible, which is very important.

The reasons for the "appearance" benefits of RegenMax are that collagen "plumps" skin, removing wrinkles and preventing them from forming. With the increased levels of collagen formation, an added benefit is that it continuously hydrates your skin from the inside out. Water is literally drawn into collagen, moisturizing your skin. Elastin gives our skin its ability to stretch and "bounce back". Keratin is an important protein that gives your hair thickness and your nails strength and clarity.

As much as I appreciate these "appearance" benefits, the other benefits listed are the kind that can affect our daily level of well-being. One of the most significant benefits is stronger connective tissue. This will result in less pain and injuries, decreased risk of fracture and stronger blood vessels as we age, which could potentially save lives via decreased risk of stroke.

One of the more concerning symptoms I see in some of my older patients is something called "purpura". Purpura are small to large purple discolorations of the skin, something most of us have seen in the elderly. It is due to bleeding under the skin, and is a result of weaker blood vessels, caused by depleted collagen levels.

At the same time and often in the same patient, there is an additional problem, which in lay terms is referred to as "paper skin". This is literally skin that has become very thin and lacks elasticity. The patients often remark that their skin tears from the slightest pull, sometimes from something as simple as their sheets pulling across their arm.

I am hopeful that we will see some reversal of this phenomena in our patients who suffer from this condition, and am relatively confident that the long term use of this product will significantly decrease or delay this happening in our patients as they move into their 60's - 90's and on to 100!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this product.

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