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It's officially "summertime", and hopefully that means more sunshine!  So far it has been pretty nice, with some sun everyday, and of course the longer days mean more hours of daylight.

For me, this equation for more sun, plus the warmer days, equals a great combination for Weight Loss.  I find it is easier this time of year to spend more time outdoors exercising, while generally eating more main course salads.  This combination is a great one - two punch for slimming down waistlines.  Of course I always want you to experience Healthy Weight Loss, especially because an increasing number of unhealthy options are becoming available.

So, if you are ready to use the Summer to your advantage and want to feel and look better (especially in a swim suit), then call to make an appointment!  We will get you moving, healthfully, into the lower numbers while feeling and looking great!

Holiday Schedule Change

Our office will be closed Monday, July 4th.

Dr. Dale will also be out of the office Friday, July 1st.  
He will see patients Thursday morning, June 30th, from 8:00-12:00, and Tuesday, July 5th all day.

Dr. Kara will see patients Friday morning from 8:00-12:00.

Dr. Dale's Anniversary

This past weekend, June 26th to be exact, was the 25th anniversary of my first day as a Chiropractor in Santa Barbara!  Always when I am speaking to someone about my work, I tell them that I have one of the greatest, most enjoyable and fulfilling jobs there is.  For that I have to give all of you, my patients, a lot of credit.  The work you do towards creating a Lifetime of Wellness with Vitality and Longevity produces many healthy improvements, which are extremely inspiring and fulfilling.  Thank you for allowing me to guide you and keep you on track towards your lifetime of health and wellness.

More Miles on the Bike for Dr. Dale
This Spring I Survived a 61 Mile, "Challenging Metric Century Ride" down in the Thousand Oaks area, called Crusin' Conejo.  It was made much more challenging by the severe winds that day, which had some people bailing on their ride or cutting it significantly short.  The winds were not a scheduled part of what they considered "Challenging", they were an added component.  The Challenging Metric is deemed so for the many hills, all the way up to Mulholland Drive.

Then just last month I did the Ojai full Century.  101 miles with some very pretty and hilly terrain, combined with about 40 miles of very flat and boring riding.  I like the scenic hills much more than the boring flats.

Next up is the Santa Barbara Century in October, which I did last year.  This is considered one of the more challenging Centuries in the country thanks to the inclusion of many hills, most notably Gibraltar Road and La Cumbre Peak.  If anyone else is interested in this great ride, go to santabarbaracentury.com and look at all the varying options (there are shorter ride options that day) and sign up if it looks like healthy "fun".

The really good news is that getting ready for these bigger centuries makes the regular 30-55 mile rides much easier and therefore much more enjoyable.  Of course all that extra training, if done properly and safely with lots of nutritional support, is great for our health and waistline.  Additionally, last year's ride raised over $40,000 for charity.

Brain Sustain Update and Special Offer Extended
The addition of Brain Sustain to our large group of "meal replacement" products continues to be a growing success.  In fact, it has already become the number one meal replacement product in the clinic.

Of course this wouldn't be a success if patients weren't noticing benefits, but they are!  I've had reported to me; better bridge playing results, dramatically increased productivity, improved memory, absence of headaches, greatly reduced word confusion, more stable blood sugar and even better balance.  I'm sure some patients over time will also benefit from weight loss as this is only a 150 calorie meal, yet it has almost the equivalent of 3 eggs of protein as well as the fat and carbs to balance it out.

If you haven't tried Brain Sustain yet, and would like to, please stop by the clinic and ask for some samples, we have samples in Vanilla, Chocolate and Chai.  Also, if calories aren't a concern, you could add some frozen or fresh organic juices

Tasting note:  The company and many patients agree the product tastes best with cold water, or even better yet, some ice mixed into it.

Special Offer extended! I am extending the special introductory price of Brain Sustain ($72.50) through the end of July!  This is about 10% off the suggested retail price.  Remember you're also saving on the cost of the meals that this replaces, so come and get it!

Research Shows: Olive Oil Lowers Stroke Risk

I have long been a fan of Olive Oil for Health, and not just because I'm Italian. For me the long history of Olive Oil use and the benefits that have been associated with it have lead me to make it my top recommendation for cooking and salad dressings.  In our house Olive Oil is the only oil I use for cooking, and the only other oil I use in combination with olive oil for salad dressings is walnut oil, which also has a great health history.

A new study out of France, lead by neurology researchers, followed older French adults for five years and found that people who regularly used olive oil were 41 percent less likely to have a stroke than those who never used it!  That is a tremendous statistic when it comes to health research.  Most drugs rarely exhibit such consistent and successful results in improving one's condition or disease, and with drugs often come many associated risks.

The study included 7,625 adults age 65 and older who recorded their diets and other lifestyle factors. People who said they used olive oil for both cooking and as a dressing were considered "intensive users," and these were the individuals who had the reduced stroke benefit.

The French team also took blood samples from another 1,245 older adults, measuring their levels of oleic acid -- an acid found in olive oil, as well as oil made from a number of nuts.  The one-third of participants with the highest oleic acid levels were 73 percent less likely to suffer a stroke than the one-third with the lowest levels.

You Should Know: Statin Warning, Fatty Liver,
Fake Fats and Omega 3's

Statin Warning

A number of recent warnings have highlighted the increased risk of both Type 2 Diabetes and advanced muscle and kidney damage, when taking high doses of statin drugs.  There are some doctors and groups calling for these high doses to be taken off of the market.  The problems created by these high doses appeared less severe than they would have been had they been comparing the results to a control group, or to patients on no drugs at all.  Instead, they were compared to the results of patients taking lower doses of the same drugs.  Even at lower doses, some people will experience; muscle pain, cognitive problems and a decline in sexual function.  I have even seen a patient who suffered permanent nerve damage after taking a low statin dose.  This is not to say that statins shouldn't be used, occasionally I have a patient that I agree should be on statins.  However, for the vast majority of patients, those with high cholesterol but no known heart disease, I strongly discourage the use of any cholesterol lowering drugs.

Interestingly enough, another recent study found that higher levels of EPA, DHA and ALA, (all omega 3's) were associated with a significantly lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes over a 10-year period.

Fatty Liver Phenomena

For many years within Alternative Health circles, we have recognized and treated something called Fatty Liver.  Now the medical world has recognized that this condition has quickly become the number one Liver Disease in America and the condition of Fatty Liver is extremely prevalent.  It is considered to be present in 75% of obese Americans.  It becomes a disease when it leads to liver inflammation and damage, and that damage can progress to liver cancer.

The really good news is that this condition, if caught early, responds remarkably to dietary changes and proper nutritional support, which supports liver function.  Our Bio-Liv and Max Stress B are two products that are very helpful in reversing this condition, especially when combined with my dietary recommendations.

Fake Fats

A few years ago a new fangled fake food hit the shelves and was going to save Americans from their wayward eating habits.  This fake fat Olestra or Olean was going to allow you to eat your chips and lose weight, or at least not gain any.  This fake fat was actually not really a fat, but a fat substitute with no calories, and replaced the normal fat in foods like potato chips.

Luckily for Americans, this product caused enough side effects that it did not grow in popularity. Recent research actually shows that this food had the opposite effect from what it was supposed to have; it caused weight gain!  It appeared that eating the Olestra containing foods caused the body to want more fatty foods, resulting in weight gain. Once again proving the danger of trying to Fool Mother Nature: Warning, don't try to fool Mother Nature.

Quotes of the Month
"History teaches that man behaved wisely once he exhausted all other options"

from the movie Still Crazy

"You're at your best, when you're focused, serious and passionate about what you do, but at the same time you can relax and have fun and be confident."

-Derek Fisher

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