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More great weather for exercising and eating outdoors. I hope you are taking advantage of our summer and making great strides in becoming healthier and healthier.

Dr. Dale's Vacation Update

Speaking of healthy outdoor activities, Laurie and I had a great trip to Zion National Park for some much needed R&R.

This is one of our countries most beautiful National Parks and a delightful area for a revitalizing getaway.  A great place for either a couple or a family that is also very affordable.  We had a great time biking, hiking, resting and eating (healthfully of course). 

Bio-Adreno - Our Product of the Month plus a Special Discount!

Bio-Adreno is the Best of the Adrenal Support supplements and has been one of our most popular products over the 12 years that I have used it.  One reason for its popularity is that when taken properly, patients notice a distinct difference in how they feel, specifically more energized!  The great news is that Bio-Adreno does this without any stimulants.  It provides a rich nutrient source that enhances adrenal gland function, literally it is "Food for Your Adrenals".  It has every nutrient in it that the adrenal glands need.

The adrenal glands are your first line of defense against stress.  As Hans Seyle, the father of the concept of Stress recognized, the healthier your adrenal glands are, the younger you are.  The adrenals secrete a number of hormones which balance blood sugar, maintain vitality levels including sexual vitality, reduce stress and have anti-inflammatory properties (secreting natural cortisone).

The need for adrenal support is very common.  It is estimated up to 80% of the adult American public suffers from adrenal fatigue and/or adrenal exhaustion.  Some of the more common symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue include persistent fatigue, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, sugar and/or salt cravings, hypoglycemia, Type 2 diabetes, weight gain and inability to lose weight, depression, anxiety, increased effort to do everyday tasks, decreased sex drive, decreased ability to handle stress, light headed when standing up, low body temperature, more prone to colds and flu and less tolerance to stress.  As you can see this is a long list of problems many Americans suffer from.  Thus, many of my patients require Adrenal support.

I have used many different Adrenal support products over my 29 years of practice, but since finding Bio-Adreno I only rarely use any others.  I have seen the best results with this product, with only extremely rare side-effects.  

For the next 30 days, Bio-Adreno will be available at a Special Discount!  Buy 2 or more bottles (I recommend you stock up), and receive a 15% discount.  This means Bio-Adreno will be $25.00 instead of the usual $29.50!

Healthy, Happy Kids!

I am pleased to pass on a number of options to parents of young kids who need healthy activities, run by dedicated, caring, healthy and smart educators, coaches and parents.
I know the leaders of these programs well and can recommend them to anyone who wants a great experience for their younger kids or grand kids.

Summer is the perfect time for Sports, Exercise, Healthy Habits and a whole lot of FUN!  SBFitKidz focuses on all of this when it comes to sports and physical activity.  This is a fun, educational, multi-sport camp for kids ages 4 - 10.  For more information, click here to go to their site.

The Players' Academy is a soccer focused program designed for 6-8 year old boys and girls (U8) as an introduction to forging the ground that encompasses the mental, physical, technical and tactical aspects of the game of soccer. The academy is a perfect introduction to an age appropriate, competitive environment that will assist in forming the character traits that will serve them for the rest of their lives.  Check out their site for more information.  

Dumb - Expensive - Wasteful? Research??

The quantity of research done on "health" issues is staggering to me, the industry is huge and expensive. I am also oftentimes shocked at the "quality" or choice of the research that is funded.
Below are a couple of examples.

Drowsy young drivers have increased crash risk!  As my kids would say, and I have to agree, Duh!! Did they really need a research study to tell us that?  In fact, one of the experts, Dr. Steven Scharf, commented on the research saying "I am not surprised at the results, as young adults are frequently sleep deprived as are many in our population."  The good news is that in this case the money wasted was not ours, as it was conducted in Australia.
Another recent study that has gotten a lot of attention was focused on head injuries and their association with brain degenerative problems later in life.  This one was a perfect example of how American research is often oddly focused.  
Basically, they wanted to know if years of "heading" a soccer ball led to great brain dysfunction and degenerative brain conditions, i.e. senile dementia, alzheimers, etc..  So, the researchers took a bunch a soccer players that had headed soccer balls many thousands of times over 30 years, by their estimates.  The intent of this research is good, in fact quite important.  However, they used fancy brain scans as their main analysis.  In these scans they saw "signs" that were similar to early changes that are common in degenerative brain conditions.  They concluded that these changes on the brain scans indicated that "heading" the soccer ball frequently could be indicative of changes that are leading to brain problems down the road.  Of course this means "more research", as this is not definitive, it is associative.
A much more direct and accurate approach that would have put the baby to bed, would be to go to England and compare the brain function of a 1,000 70 year olds who had played soccer for 30 years (heading the ball of course) and compare them with the their peers who did not play soccer.  You could find this group in pretty much any large town in England, easily.  In fact, you could poll the Brits and they could probably tell you the facts.  No elaborate, high tech machines needed. Just the analysis of their frequency of degenerative brain diagnosis.  
To me the question is, who approved this research, and why did they avoid going straight to the data that could provide a solid answer?
Total U.S. spending on medical research has close to doubled in the past decade to nearly $140 billion a year, though whether the money is being well spent is an important question and research like the above is a reflection of this problem.  Many experts are questioning the quantity and quality of medical research while our government continues to fund up to 30% of the costs.

Quote of the Month

"No body is worth more than your body"
Melody Carstairs 

In Closing

The quote above says a lot, lets all be respectful and caring of our bodies, minds and souls. 

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