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One of the true benefits of the crisis in Japan is that it's a powerful reminder of just how important and potentially fragile our health really is. It also clarifies that when we regularly take actions to promote our overall health, we are often doing a lot to protect ourselves from specific and unique threats.

This early, short newsletter will be followed by another this month.  I want to share my piece on Radiation Exposure, which I'm sure has been on everyone's mind this past week.  Also, I need to make an announcement about my next Heart Health Class.  Interestingly enough, as much as the current crisis has everyone focused on iodine and protecting ourselves from a potential threat of radiation exposure, the Crisis of Cardio-Vascular Disease is far, far greater, and one that everyone over 40 should understand thoroughly.  The Cardio-Vascular Crisis is the one that should be on the front page of every newspaper, everyday.

The good news is that when we understand the facts about each of the above health issues, we realize how important accurate information, good logic and preventative actions can be, and how much personal power we have to tremendously and predictably influence our health outcomes in most areas of life.

Cardio-Vascular Health

This class is very powerful and the information is absolutely critical for everyone over 40.  From this class you will realize how much mis-information you have been exposed to on Cardio-Vascular Disease, which is very threatening to your life, as well as how empowering accurate information can be in this critical area. You will walk away understanding that there is a clear path to protecting yourself from ever being a Cardio-Vascular victim.

Please share the information about this class with your family and loved ones.

Important Note

Cottage Hospital has extended the Heart Health Month Special on Heart Scans through the end of March. The special price during this time is $150 vs. their normal price of $350! Thank You Cottage.

Dr. Dale' "Healthy Heart for Life Class"

This Class will fill fast, so please call right away!  Mark this down on your calendar and call your friends, Thursday, February March 24th, from 6:00 - 7:30, at the clinic.  No Charge!

This is a New Class, which will focus on The Path to A Healthy Heart for Life.  Learn How to Make Sense of, and Make the Right Choices in spite of  all the Confusing Nutritional Information in the media.

This class is for existing patients plus friends or family of patients who are interested in Never Dying from a Heart Attack while Creating a Lifetime of Wellness, Vitality and Longevity.

Attend this class, and you will have a greater understanding of:
    •    The Causes of Heart Disease,
    •    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Statin Drugs (who should and who should not be in Statins),
    •    How to Really Know if You are at Risk for a Heart Attack Now, and how to dramatically reduce that risk.

Are You Confused? Dr. Dale will help clarify how to avoid the confusion from the mountain of information out there on nutrition, especially nutrition related to the heart, as well as how to stay focused on those nutritional factors that make for a lifetime of wellness.

Special Offer: If you are an existing patient and you bring a non-patient friend or family member to attend this class, you will receive a free gift of 5 Nano-Greens Travel Packets.  Also, any guest who attends will have the opportunity to sign up as a New Patient at no charge for their first visit. A complimentary history and examination (normally a $95 visit)!

To register for this Free Class, Please call the office and let us know you are coming (687-0533), and the names of any guests you will be bringing.  Also, please be a few minutes early for class so we can start on time. I look forward to seeing you there.

Radiation Exposure

First - Please don't stress about this issue!  I believe we are relatively safe given our distance from the disaster, and there are other experts who agree with me. If you are currently on one of my supplement programs, the likelihood is that you are getting some key protection already.  More on these products later.

Unfortunately the press and other doctors who don't do their research have increased the hype on this topic.  Although there is a chance that a plume from this will hit California, the levels of radiation should be relatively low. In the event that it does reach us, being thorough with my suggestions below will be more important

To be honest, I believe the ultimate risk to our health from this issue falls considerably behind the other ongoing proven challenges we all face everyday, including but not limited to the exposure of many man made chemicals in our air, water and food.

The risks regarding radiation exposure are real, and as a chiropractor, I have been well 
aware of these since extensively studying these risks while in school.  As a nutritionally focused wellness practitioner of almost 27 years, I understand the key variables in minimizing ones risk, as well as the key steps to take in prevention and treatment of excess exposure to radiation. 

The most important variable regarding radiation exposure is "distance", or proximity. 
For the current crisis in Japan, we are not at a high risk of being affected by their radiation leak due to how far away we are.

The risk of exposure that can be more critical than the initial fallout happens through foods, and most importantly milk products.  Cows eat the grass that the radiation has fallen on and concentrate it in their milk, which humans then consume.  The closer the cows are to the incident that released the radiation, the more they will consume and the more concentrated their milk will be.  Even if small amounts of radiation reach the west coast, then milk products will become the biggest issue. 

If you want to take steps to specifically protect your thyroid, given our low level risk of exposure from Japan, please eat more iodine rich foods.  I believe this is the safe way to go given our relatively minimal level of exposure. 

The foods that are rich in iodine are: Iodized Salt, Seafood in general as the fish get the iodine from the ocean - Cod, Haddock, Sea Bass, Shrimp and Tuna. Then in the non-fish department, the best source is Seaweed, which is very rich in iodine.  You can make a broth out of it, or put some seaweed sources like kelp on food.  

Making Miso broth with seaweed in it is a good way to go.  Medical reports post Hiroshima indicated that the Japanese who used this before and after the Atomic bomb were most protected.  Other sources for iodine include potatoes (with the skin), turkey breast, strawberries, and in general, locally grown vegetables.  The soil in California is naturally higher in iodine than in non-coastal areas. 

Most importantly, we want to make sure our children are getting good food sources of iodine because they are most easily affected. So please, make sure these foods are in their diet; they are healthy foods in the first place.

Additionally, the key to minimizing the damage from radiation in general is to consume higher levels of antioxidants.  These nutritional compounds are key to protecting our cells from RNA and DNA damage, which is the ultimate consequence of radiation damage and the damage caused by environmental chemicals and stressors found in today's society.

There are a number of products that have strong antioxidant effects that I recommend for my patients as part of their health program: Nano-Greens, Ultimate E, Bio-Potent C, Oncoplex, Max-Stress B, all of our Meal Replacement Powders; Bio-Cleanse/Bio-Cleanse Plus, i5, and our OptiCleanse products.  Additionally, we have other very potent antioxidants, including Nrf2, PolyResveratol, OxyQuench and many more that are specifically designed to protect against DNA and RNA damage.

If you are not taking any of the above, Nano-Greens and Nrf2 are the best combination. Nano-Greens is modestly rich in iodine from the kelp in it, as well as being a rich antioxidant source, and Nrf2 offers the best protection against damage to our RNA and DNA of any one product.  A very prominent and highly respected neurologist who specializes in nutrition specifically designed it for that purpose. One tablet per day is the usual recommendation, with 2 tablets as an option for very strong protection. 

If someone has a greater level of exposure and possible damage from radiation we have special products that we use in those situations and have a lot of research to show their effectiveness at helping our immune systems recover from radiation damage.

Lastly, if you are very concerned and feel your situation requires a special need for extra iodine, contact my office, give the details to my staff and I can make a specific recommendation.

Quote of the Month

"Death will come no matter what, You Must Fight to Live, -- for Life is a Miracle."
from some movie I can't remember

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