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The Swine Flu - "Concern or Fiasco"?

Dear Patients,

Unless you have been hiding in a closet, I am sure you have heard or read about the Swine Flu "epidemic", "pandemic", undoubtedly "media frenzy".  

Please be assured, this is not something the vast majority of us have to be overly concerned about at this time.  This flu appears to be No more virulent than the latest strain of flu that is constantly amongst us, often referred to as the "seasonal flu", which is found year round in Santa Barbara.   

Some facts on the subject:  

Part of frenzy around this flu is that it is a new variant of virus, and of course it's name and origin, "swine".  The original virus was limited to being passed around the pigpen from pig to pig.  The occasional pig farmer, or handler, would get it from the pigs.  For a long time it did not spread from pig farmer to other humans.  As viruses can do over time, it has evolved to the point that the latest strain of it now allows it to spread from human to human.  

All flues spread more easily in crowds, as they are spread via sneezing, coughing or other modes spreading respiratory secretions.

It is estimated approximately 36,000 deaths occur in America each year from Influenza complications.  This number is much larger globally. This is the version of the flu that we are all aware of and spreads around Santa Barbara and the rest of the country.

These deaths generally occurred in compromised individuals.  These are most often elderly individuals who have weak immune systems and lower vitality, infants and toddlers, and other individuals who's immune system is greatly compromised by other factors like drug use (legal or illegal), poor nutritional state, or severe living conditions, all which can weaken an individual and compromise their ability to respond to any infection.

There are many, many, many more cases of the standard flu going around Santa Barbara and the U.S. right now other than the swine flu (if there any cases of the swine flu at all is S.B.).  

So far this particular virus, in its current form, does not show signs that it is particularly lethal.  In fact, compared to many other forms of virus the swine flu appears to be weak.

The bigger concern really is in how this evolves, or mutates and whether it becomes particularly lethal, which at this point it is not.  

Those who should be most concerned are the groups mentioned above who are most compromised.

You can NOT get this virus from eating pork.  It is a shame that some governments around the world have actually banned imports from Mexico due to this flu.  This act sends a false signal about the flu and places an undue financial burden on Mexico and it's people. 

With what is currently known about this flu, closing schools because the "swine flu is spreading", seems extreme to me.  If this were the case, we should close schools each and every year due to the flu that is currently present.

The most common symptoms of any flu are: fever, lethargy, lack of appetite, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Depending upon ones response to any flu you could have one or more of these symptoms.  The symptoms that are most concerning are a strong persistent cough (one can end up with pneumonia), vomiting and diarrhea, because of the risk of dehydration. 

What you can do to be prepared to fight the swine flu or any flu?

In general, all of the things that promote your overall health i.e., get enough sleep (don't let yourself get rundown), eat as healthy as possible, minimize sugars and any food that you know compromises your overall wellbeing, get regular exercise, be sure to dress warmly enough, especially in cold and windy conditions.  Be very good about taking your prescribed supplement program, as the greatest protection from any infection is a strong, healthy immune system that can fight back against foreign invaders.

For those who want to take extra precautions, below are the steps you can take.  The protocols below have been very effective over the recent flu seasons.  We have had great success with training patients on how to be right on top of any cold and flu, and when proper steps have been taken, the results have been excellent.

1.    Take a daily preventative dose at breakfast of Im-Encap, Colostrum and Ultimate Defense.

Preventative Dose: Im-Encap: 4 for adults, 3-4 for teens, 2 for children age 6-12 and 1 for children age 2-6).  Colostrum (2 for adults and teens, 1 for children a 2 - 12). Ultimate Defense, 1 upon arising and 1 before bed (this could be done by anyone 6 years and up). 

2. Wait and see approach: Have on hand Im-Encap, Q. Colostrum and Ultimate Defense, then at the first sign of any flu symptoms, begin full viral protocol.

Therapeutic Doses:

Im-Encap: 4, 3x's per day for adults, 3, 3x's per day for teens, 2, 3x's per day for children age 6-12 and 1, 3x's per day for children age 2-6. 

Colostrum: 2, 3x's per day for adults and teens, 1, 3x's per for children age 2 - 12.

Ultimate Defense:  2 upon arising and 2 before bed ages 12 and up, 1 upon arising and 1 before bed for ages 4 and up. 

Additionally, if fever, chills or muscle cramping is one of yours symptoms, then adding in Q. Coral Complex to the program at 2/2/2 (ages 12 and up), 1/1/1 ages 6 -11, is critical

The above protocol is all very effective for treating patients with Mono, which I have done frequently.  Of course mono is a virus also.

Special Note: if your child is under 4 and gets the flu, make an appointment with your pediatrician right away and then also see me asap if you want alternative support too.

Special Note #2: if you have done the therapeutic protocol for more than three days and are not noticing any improvement, call the office for an appointment right away.  Sometimes we have to use a different protocol for some individuals. 

Special Note #3: If you feel that your immune system is not as strong as you would like it to be, contact the clinic for an appointment and I will set you up on a program to strengthen your immunity. The steps that are taken to accomplish this can vary from person to person, so the personal attention is necessary.  Additionally, we have a new product that will often be used in this situation, which has been shown in clinical trials to significantly improve the immune response of patients with the Aids Virus. 

About Im-Encap: Im-Encap is a very effective immune booster.  Primarily this product supports your immune system in better fighting an infection.

About Colostrum: Colostrum is very different from Im-Encap, and totally complimentary.  Basically it contains natural antibodies to bacteria and viruses, as well as enhancing your immune system.

Both Im-Encap and Colostrum are products we use for patients who are fighting viral infections and bacterial infections.  Currently we carry two different brands of Colostrum, Quantum Colostrum and Colostrum by Ortho Molecular, both are excellent brands and either can be used.

About Ultimate Defense: Ultimate Defense is only used for viruses.  It is a very unique product with a lot of research on how it works.  Very specifically it decreases the ability of viruses to attach to our cells (this is how viruses multiply, by using our cells).  Therefore Ultimate Defense decreases the virus's ability to thrive.

I hope this answers your questions for now and ensures that you are well prepared in case any flu hits your home.  Please contact me at (805) 687-0533 or [email protected] if you have any additional questions regarding the flu or infections of any kind. 

Yours in Health, Dr. Dale

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