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Well that crazy time of year is suddenly upon us once again. This time of year can be great for helping clarify what really is important in our lives, so we can do our best to keep our actions in line with those things that matter most to us. 

Hopefully for all of you, that means family, friends, community, your passions and your health. Please remember the better we take care of ourselves, and the healthier we are, the more we can do for others.

So, please take care of yourself and have a Great Holiday Season.

Go Gauchos - Again!

The season has been exciting to say the least. Our men's soccer team has once again made into the 3rd round of the NCAA Tournament, the round of 16, and will be playing #2 Seed Creighton University this coming Sunday in Nebraska!  The game is at 11:00 our time and will be broadcasted both on the radio and via the web.  To listen or watch the game live, click here.  All the best to the best coaching staff and a great group of players who give it their all!

I Survived - Once Again!

I'm glad to say that on Sat. Oct. 22rd, I started and completed the Santa Barbara Century Bike Ride (yes a 100 miles) for the second year in a row!  I'm pleased to report "I Survived", thanks again to lots of training, lots of supplements, and the necessary will power.  I also improved my time by 30 minutes, so I guess even at my age you can get fitter and a little faster.

It was a great day, mostly in clear sunny weather, with amazing views from atop our beautiful mountains overlooking our hamlet below.  At the top of the crest there are also spectacular views into the backcountry of the Santa Ynez Valley.  From the E. Camino Cielo ridge we could see all the way to the Islands in one direction and far into the backcountry in the opposite direction.

The ride had 762 registered riders from 16 states as well as 3 foreign countries (Canada, Great Britain and Australia). And all got to see S.B. at it's best.

The ride also raised $42,000 from our entry fees that was shared amongst 6 charities this year. Many thanks to the founders of The Century, for their foresight and tremendous effort, Bill Lindberg and Kalon Kelley, as well as the other directors Byron Beck, Ed France, Jon Lemmond and Casey Roberts. They do an amazing job.

Dr. Dale's Essential Holiday Eating Guide

Once again we are fast approaching the one meal of the year that American's most commonly associate with "Being Stuffed". Yes, that feeling that you can barely move, and the only thing that most people can do after this meal is to sit in a large chair and try to keep their eyes open for more than ten minutes.

The good news is there is a simple solution, where you can have your cake (rather pie), and eat it too. Here are the keys to surviving Thanksgiving without feeling like a "Stuffed Turkey" yourself, and without gaining any significant amount of fat!

1. Make sure the meal has lots of different, tasty veggies that you love. I like to do variations on the traditional themes. For instance, I often make a mix of roasted onions, with a balsamic glaze, instead of the usual creamed onions.

2. If you are having wine or other alcohol on this day, wait to have some of your meal before starting in on your "drink of choice". Or, at least have an appetizer first. Drinking before you start eating will go right to your head, which will greatly increase the odds of your losing all dietary control. A little food in your stomach first, plus some self control on how much you drink, and you are much more likely to stay "un-sauced and un- stuffed".

3. Then, first eat a lot of the foods you know to be healthy and not weight gaining. Turkey and all the different veggies, salad, etc... Be sure to mostly fill up on these before you move on to the stuffing, potatoes and dessert. This way you can have some high carb foods, but the amount is going to be relatively small. On the other hand, if you start out with the stuffing, you will end up stuffed, and end up eating less of the foods that keep you slim and trim.

4. If at all possible, try to get the gang to go for a walk after the meal. Even a 15 - 20 minute walk after eating this meal, will help refresh you, and keep you from falling into a deep slumber. I promise if you try this you will feel better after the walk, and you'll be glad you did it. If "the gang" doesn't want to go, grab one other smart soul, or go it alone!! This can also be a great excuse to escape from any of those relatives you can only take so much of.

5. The most important key to preventing this meal from becoming the beginning of a major weight-gaining marathon, is to "Send All The Carb-Loaded Leftovers Home with your guests!" Yes this is a cruel punishment for them, but they probably won't mind, unless they're a Dr. Dale patient also, which of course they should be! One bad meal, even if it leaves you stuffed, will only do temporary harm. Keeping the fridge filled with Calorie Rich Carbs is a Sure Sentence to Weight Gain.

6. What you do on Thanksgiving is not nearly as important as what happens in the next few days. Either T-Day is the beginning of trouble, or a one-day blip on the scale. Here's a treat and one of the smartest things you can do for your "holiday health". This can turn Thanksgiving into a starting point for losing a couple of quick pounds. Now there's a healthy concept!! Take your leftover bones, make some great turkey stock (the longer and slower you simmer the stock the better) and then turn the leftover turkey into delicious turkey-vegetable soup, which you can eat for days, and lose weight while eating it!

In fact, if you follow this link here to my website, log in, go to the recipe section and then go to Dr. Dale's Recovery and Rejuvenation Soup Recipe. Use the leftover turkey as your protein in the soup, and you will be on your way to a lot of quick, easy and healthy meals for days to come.

7. Follow these same general guidelines for the rest of the Holiday Meals and Parties, then come the beginning of the year you will have maintained your weight or possibly even lost some. What a great gift to yourself!

These tips are best printed out and put on your refrigerator for all your guests to read. I hope this helps. It certainly was fun for me. Enjoy and Thank You for the Many Blessings You Bring to All of Us at "The Clinic"!

Some Recent, Important Research Footnotes

Bad News:

The use of drugs for psychiatric and behavioral disorders have risen 22 percent since 2001. The medications are most often prescribed to women aged 45 and older, but their use among men and in younger adults climbed sharply. In adults 20 to 44, use of antipsychotic drugs and treatments for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder more than tripled, and use of anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax, Valium and Ativan rose 30 percent from a decade ago.

Good News / Bad News - Antibiotic use:

The UK's Department of Health is urging hospitals to "think hard before using antibiotics".  The message reflects a call by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) for more prudent use of antibiotics, as latest figures show that resistance to antibiotics is increasing across Europe.

"It is important we use antibiotics in the right way if we are to get the best outcome for the patient, slow down resistance and make sure these important medicines continue to stay effective for ourselves and for future generations."

"Many antibiotics are currently prescribed and used when they don't need to be.

The studies show that half of all antibiotic use in hospitals is inappropriate."

More Good News / Bad News:

Merck Fined Again! The Department of Justice said that pharmaceutical company Merck will pay $950 million to resolve investigations into its marketing of the painkiller Vioxx. The agency said Merck will pay $321.6 million in criminal fines and $628.4 million as a civil settlement agreement.

Merck stopped selling Vioxx in September 2004 after evidence showed the drug doubled the risk of heart attack and stroke.  In 2007, the company paid $4.85 billion to settle around 50,000 Vioxx-related lawsuits. The Justice Department said the settlement resolves allegations that Merck made false, unproven, or misleading statements about Vioxx's safety to increase sales.

Good News - Living Longer / Longevity:

Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine have been studying the centenarian population since 1995 and estimate 85% of the 100 plus crowd are women.  Additionally, the older are getting younger.  "Ten years ago, a 90-year-old may have looked frail and dependent," said Meyer Arnold, the director of adult day and community services at Luther Manor in Wauwatosa. "But 90-year-olds in 10 years may not look like that. People will be working, driving, golfing, shopping and participating in family events."

Recent data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, showed that the 90 and older population soared in the United States over the last three decades, from 720,000 in 1980 to 1.9 million in 2010. By 2050, there could be more than 8 million Americans 90 and older.

Really Good News - Exercise for your heart, brain and reduced cancer risk!

Recent research projects once again clarified the importance of regular exercise. The key to remember is "we were made to move", and we stay smarter, longer, and healthier if we do.  And, a little exercise can do a lot for your heart.  That's the message from Harvard researchers after a new study showed that as little as 2.5 hours of exercise a week can dramatically cut heart disease risk. They found that 2 hours 30 minutes of exercise cut heart disease risk by 14 percent. Exercising for 5 hours a week decreased heart disease risk by 20 percent.

A review of more than 200 cancer studies worldwide found convincing evidence that regular physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and endometrial cancer by 25% to 30%.  There's some evidence that regular exercise also reduces the risk of lung, prostate and ovarian cancer also.

Another highlighted the dangers of sitting too long, which is now referred to as "sitting disease."

In a study of 123,000 people, they found that the more time people spent sitting, the higher their risk of dying early.  "Even among individuals who were regularly active, the risk of dying prematurely was higher among those who spent more time sitting".  The study found that 80 percent of jobs today are classified as sedentary, compared to 50 percent in 1960.  Experts say taking mini breaks every 30 minutes is the best way to keep your blood flowing and reduce your risk of disease.

A number of studies have recently shown that the effects of modest physical exercise on the brain are remarkable.  While the wholly sedentary volunteers scored significantly worse over the years on tests of cognitive function, the most active group showed little decline.  About 90 percent of those with the greatest daily energy expenditure could think and remember just about as well, year after year.  Their ability to remember and think did still diminish, but not as rapidly as among the sedentary.  Even " walking and other light activity had bought them, essentially, five years of better brainpower"!

Bottom Line: Get off your bottom, move it!

Quote of the Month

" Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your children. "

- Lilliam Holstein

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