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Here we are, at the start of the Holiday Season once again, which as you know means lots of food stress and hopefully, Fun!  Below I have provided my annual holiday eating guide to support you in getting through the holidays without gaining any weight (of course that's if you follow my plan).
A Very Exciting End to 2013 and Start to 2014!
When you read my main article below, (A Very Important Message), you will better understand my headline here.  We have a very exciting new nutritional solution for a very common and until recently, insolvable problem.
Additionally, at the beginning of 2014, I will have a new class that focuses on Brain Health that covers the above topic, as well as a clear pathway to maximizing your brain health and reducing your risk of Alzheimers, Senile Dementia, and all other degenerative brain diseases.  I will announce the dates of the classes as soon as they are scheduled. 
A Very Important Nutritional Message from Dr. Dale
During my 29 years in practice, there have only been a handful of very exciting nutritional developments. Most of the valuable focuses and products were developed by the time I started in practice in 1984. One of these rare moments has developed over the last year: having a solution for the many people challenged by a Methylation pathway deficiency.  
The Methylation pathway is a bio-chemical process that occurs in every cell of our body and is essential for many critical functions.  However, nearly 40% of the population contains genetic variances affecting this process. Luckily, we NOW have a solution to this problem: a new supplement called 5 MTHF (5-Methyltetrahydrofolate), which is the end product produced by the methylation cycle.  When combined with critical co-factors and skillful dosage management, we get an effective treatment for this genetic challenge.
The Problem:
The most common nutritionally based genetic defect affects the Methylation cycle by decreasing the amount of 5 MTHF our cells make.  If an individual has just one or two of these genetic defects, their pathway can only produce 40 - 70% of the necessary 5 MTHF that a normal pathway produces.
5 MTHF and the methylation pathway are crucial for numerous bio-chemical processes, including the production of Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Methionine.  Methylation also increases our natural Melatonin, SAMe and Glutathione production, lowers Homocysteine and histamine levels, clears heavy metals and detoxifies many chemicals and hormones. The cycle contributes to the insulation around our nerves (myelination), regulates gene expression (activating the beneficial, while suppressing corrupt genes) and creates RNA and DNA, the building blocks of our cells.
The Solution:
We now have the important form of folate these patients need, available in supplemental form, 5 MTHF.  When taken at the right dose and with the proper co-factors, those with these genetic defects can overcome the adverse affects associated with their methylation deficiency!  This offers a very exciting outcome for these patients, which I am very excited about, as they often have challenging, stubborn issues and diseases, which can be irreversible.  Having a solution to this problem is huge when you understand the depth and breadth of everything it can affect.
Here is a list of symptoms and diseases that may be related to 5 MTHF deficiency. (please note, most patients who have this problem may have just one, or a few of these symptoms, some will have many):
Depression Mild-Severe (if one has this genetic challenge, the change in their depression is distinctly noticeable with our program and within a short period of time). 
Manic Depression
High Homocysteine levels
Histamine excess (allergies)
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
Addictive behavior tendencies
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cervical Dysplasia
Frequent miscarriages
Male Infertility
Erectile Dysfunction
Multiple Chemical sensitivities
Severe or Frequent Infections
Immune deficiency
Hormonal Problems
Hearing loss that is nerve related.
Dysgeusia (Loss of Taste)
Thyroid Dysfunction
Uterine Fibroids
Parkinson's Disease
Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease
Cardio Vascular Dis. (Heart Attack, Stroke, deep vein thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease, high blood pressure, low HDL, Stroke)
There are two approaches to determining whether one may have this issue, either genetic testing, or reviewing the associated symptoms. If you have any of the above symptoms that are persistent, I'll have you begin taking 5 MTHF, plus co-factors, and watch to see if you have a favorable response.  Many of the most common symptoms respond favorably, and in a noticeable way within 1 - 4 weeks.
It is important that this be done using a very specific approach, a carefully chosen dose, plus critical co-factors, and then carefully tracking the response.  The good news is that most of my patients are already taking the co-factors as part of their nutritional program with me. 
In just the past 2 months of working on this condition with a limited number of patients, we have seen many favorable responses, especially those related to mood (including chronic depression and anxiety), sleep, and circulation. 
If you have any of the symptoms in the columns above, and want to see if you can benefit from this genetic challenge being addressed, call for an appointment.   It is quite simple for us to proceed within one visit.
If you know of anyone who has some of these symptoms and would like to determine if they may have this issue, please have them call for a New Patient exam. 
Important Caution: In some rare cases, an individual may have excessive toxins accumulated due to prolonged dysfunction of the methylation pathway and can begin to detox too quickly and experience side effects.  I have not seen this yet, but again, most of my patients have been on products that have supported their detox pathways to work at a higher level than the average person.  This detox reaction is reversible.  Additionally, no one should just start taking 5 MTHF on their own, as severe negative reactions can happen to some people if their co-factors are not managed properly.
This product is not safe for anyone taking Anti-Seizure drugs or Methotrexate.
If you are interested in genetic testing to see if you have this issue, please contact me at [email protected]
Product of the Month Specials on Brain Sustain and Opti-Cleanse!
To support your focus on losing weight over the holidays or just maintaining your current weight, we will have special prices - Opti-Cleanse and Brain Sustain  , from now until the end of the year.  So, stock up and save your health and waist line. 
Dr. Dale's Holiday Eating Survival Guide
Once again we are fast approaching the one meal of the year that American's most commonly associate with "Being Stuffed". Yes, that feeling that you can barely move, and the only thing that most people can do after this meal is to sit in a large chair and try to keep their eyes open for more than ten minutes.
The good news is there is a simple solution, where you can have your cake (rather pie), and eat it too. Here are the keys to surviving Thanksgiving without feeling like a "Stuffed Turkey" yourself, and without gaining any significant amount of fat!

1. Make sure the meal has lots of different tasty veggies that you love. I like to do variations on the traditional themes. For instance, I often make a mix of roasted onions, with a balsamic glaze, instead of the usual creamed onions.

2. If you are having wine or other alcohol on this day, wait to have some of your meal before starting in on your "drink of choice". Or, at least have an appetizer first. Drinking before you start eating will go right to your head, which will greatly increase the odds of your losing all dietary control. A little food in your stomach first, plus some self control on how much you drink, and you are much more likely to stay "un-sauced and un-stuffed". Another valuable tip if imbibing, is to drink a glass of water after every glass of alcohol.

3. Then, first eat a lot of the foods you know to be healthy and not weight gaining. Turkey and all the different veggies, salad, etc... Be sure to mostly fill up on these before you move on to the stuffing, potatoes and dessert. This way you can have some high carb foods, but the amount is going to be relatively small. On the other hand, if you start out with the stuffing, you will end up stuffed, and end up eating less of the foods that keep you slim and trim.

4. If at all possible, try to get the gang to go for a walk after the meal. Even a 15 - 20 minute walk after eating this meal will help refresh you, and keep you from falling into a deep slumber. I promise if you try this you will feel better after the walk, and you'll be glad you did it. If "the gang" doesn't want to go, grab one other smart soul, or go it alone!! This can also be a great excuse to escape from any of those relatives you can only take so much of.

5. The most important key to preventing this meal from becoming the beginning of a major weight-gaining marathon, is to "Send All The Carb-Loaded Leftovers Home with your guests!" Yes this is a cruel punishment for them, but they probably won't mind, unless they're a Dr. Dale patient also, which of course they should be! One bad meal, even if it leaves you stuffed, will only do temporary harm. Keeping the fridge filled with Calorie Rich Carbs is a Sure Sentence to Weight Gain.

6. What you do on Thanksgiving is not nearly as important as what happens in the next few days. Either T-Day is the beginning of Trouble, or a one-day blip on the scale. Here's a treat and one of the smartest things you can do for your "holiday health". This can turn Thanksgiving into a starting point for losing a couple of quick pounds. Now there's a healthy concept!! Take your leftover bones, make some great turkey stock (the longer and slower you simmer the stock the better) and then turn the leftover turkey into delicious turkey-vegetable soup, which you can eat for days, and lose weight while eating it! In fact, if you follow this link and log into my website, it will give you Dr. Dale's Recovery and Rejuvenation Soup Recipe.  Use the leftover turkey as your protein in the soup, and you will be on your way to a lot of quick, easy and healthy meals for days to come.

7. Follow these same general guidelines for the rest of the Holiday Meals and Parties, then come the beginning of the year you will have maintained your weight or possibly even lost some. What a great gift to yourself! These tips are best printed out and put on your refrigerator for all your guests to read. I hope this helps. It certainly was fun for me. 
Quote of the Month
"The only gift is a portion of thyself."  
Ralph Waldo Emerson
In Closing
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for giving me the opportunity to support you and your loved ones in becoming as healthy as we can be.  

Sign up using the form or call 805-687-0533 to make your appointment.

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