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Four weeks have gone by and here we are at Thanksgiving.  A great time to reflect on what we are thankful for and hopefully, health is one of the items on the top of your list.  

Once again, many thanks to all of you for allowing me and my staff to serve you in your quest for this precious gift.  Also thank you for your many efforts.  I am, far more often than not, greatly impressed by the tremendous progress so many patients make in transforming their lives by turning unhealthy habits into healthy habits.  I look forward to providing you with even greater support and results over this next year. 

Thanksgiving Hours

For Thanksgiving week, we will have normal hours Monday-Wednesday.  We'll be closed Thanksgiving Day (aka T-Day), and then open again Friday morning from 9:00 - 12:00. Please make your appointments in advance so you can get in for the shortened week.

Infection Season Update

Please be on the lookout, as the past 3 weeks have seen a dramatic increase in the frequency of infections.  The very good news is that our Immune Protocols have been very effective at stopping infections from advancing. However, as I mentioned in last month's newsletter, being prepared and starting your supplements right away is critical. 

Also, for patients whose infection is a sinus infection or bronchial infection, the addition of ViraCon as listed on our Immune Protocol page is very important.  Without the ViraCon the sinus infections can linger.  ViraCon is also critical for patients with a tendency to bronchitis; it dramatically reduces the risk of an infection progressing to bronchitis. 

Our Product of the Month special, which includes all immune products, is still in effect until the end of November, so please take advantage and stock up.  

If you are very motivated to quickly end any new infection, besides our protocols, the addition of our PEMF treatment for cellular immune support has seriously impressed me and our 2 complimentary visit offer is still available, just call to make an appointment.

Step 6: Biochemical Detoxification

The breadth and quantity of biochemical toxins in our bodies are relatively shocking to most Americans when they read the facts.  A short list of some of these common toxins includes: lead, mercury, DDT and many other pesticides, PCB's, perchlorate (a toxic compound of rocket fuel), and many more, literally tens of thousands of substances.  Many man made chemicals are found in all kinds of household products.  Chemicals from plastics, flame-retardants, cigarette smoke, carpets, plywood glues, exhaust fumes, plus the byproducts that escape thousands of factory smoke stacks.  Then there are things as simple as our water, which as you know is dosed with chlorine to kill the bacteria.  PCB's are actually a known carcinogen that is a byproduct of the chlorine we add to the water supply and other organic compounds.  Besides the chemicals we breathe, eat or drink, there are many chemicals that are created in our bodies every day that are poisonous and need to be processed.

The problem is that the detoxification systems of our bodies can only do so much in a 24-hour period.  When our bodies cannot process all the chemicals due to either the overall load, the complexity of many of the man made chemicals, or nutritional deficiencies, they are primarily stored in our fat cells!  For some of these chemicals, there are well-documented disease risks.  For many chemicals, there is much more research to be done to clarify their harmful effects.  Most, if not all, of these chemicals can be found in each and every American. For example, a recent study showed that the rocket fuel perchlorate, was found in the breast milk of all the women tested.

The most aware health practitioners realize that many of these chemicals at best challenge and compromise our health, and at worst are significant contributing factors to the development of many diseases.  The good news is that there are excellent products that are specifically designed to increase our body's capacity for getting rid of these biochemical toxins.  I have used these products for this purpose for over 20 years, and the results of this cleanse process usually include numerous noticeable immediate benefits to the patient.

There are a numerous steps you can take to minimize your toxin load. 1. Eat organic whenever possible, as many conventionally-grown foods are sprayed with pesticides.  2. Be sure you get a high quality probiotic daily; our most potent and highest quality probiotic is ProBioMax DF and its little brother that works for most patients over the long run is ProBioMax Daily. 3. Drink a serving of Nanogreens daily; there is a group of ingredients in Nanogreens that are effective at slowly clearing heavy metals and toxins.  4. Do a formal cleanse 1-3 times per year and enjoy many benefits from this process; we have a handout for how to do this simple process effectively.  5. Many of our patients enjoy a daily meal replacement drink of OptiCleanse or BioCleanse as a fast and healthy breakfast, which is supporting their bodies' ability to clear toxins more effectively.

Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions on Biochemical Detoxification.

Dr. Dale's Holiday Eating Tips and Tricks

Once again we are fast approaching the one meal of the year that Americans most commonly associate with "Being Stuffed."  Yes, that feeling that you can barely move.  The only thing most people can do after this meal is sit in a large chair and try to keep their eyes open for more than ten minutes.
The good news is there is a simple solution that allows you to have your cake (rather, pie) and eat it, too.  Here are the keys to surviving Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukah, without feeling like a "Stuffed Turkey" yourself and without gaining any significant amount of fat!

1. Make sure the meal has lots of different tasty veggies that you love.  I like to do variations on the traditional themes.  For instance, I often make a mix of roasted onions with a balsamic glaze instead of the usual creamed onions.

2. If you are having wine or other alcohol on this day, wait to have some of your meal before starting in on your "drink of choice," or at least have an appetizer first. Drinking before you start eating will go right to your head, which will greatly increase your odds of losing all dietary control.  A little food in your stomach first, plus some self control regarding how much you drink, and you are much more likely to stay "un-sauced and un-stuffed."  Another valuable tip if imbibing is to drink a glass of water after every glass of alcohol.

3. At mealtime, first eat a lot of the foods you know to be healthy and not weight gaining:  turkey and all the different veggies, salad, etc....  Be sure to fill up on these before you move on to the stuffing, potatoes and dessert.  This way you can have some high-carb foods, but the amounts will be relatively small.  On the other hand, if you start out with the stuffing, you will end up stuffed.  You will also eat less of the foods that keep you slim and trim.

4. If at all possible, try to get the gang to go for a walk after the meal.  Even a 15 - 20 minute walk will help refresh you and keep you from falling into a deep slumber.  I promise that if you try this you will feel better afterward, and you'll be glad you did it.  If the gang doesn't want to go, grab one other smart soul or go it alone!!  This can also be a great excuse to escape from any of those relatives you can only take so much of.

5. The most important key to preventing this meal from becoming the beginning of a major weight-gaining marathon, is to stock up on Ziploc bags and "Send All The Carb-Loaded Leftovers Home With Your Guests!"  Yes, this is a cruel punishment for them, but they probably won't mind unless they're a Dr. Dale patient also, which of course they should be!  One bad meal, even if it leaves you stuffed, will only do temporary harm. Keeping the fridge filled with calorie-rich carbs is a sure sentence to weight gain.

6. What you do on Thanksgiving is not nearly as important as what happens in the next few days.  Either T-Day is the beginning of trouble, or it's a one-day blip on the scale. Here's a treat that can actually turn Thanksgiving into a starting point for losing a couple of quick pounds.  Now there's a healthy concept and one of the smartest things you can do for your "holiday health!"  Take your leftover bones, make some great turkey stock (the longer and slower you simmer the stock the better) and then turn the leftover turkey into delicious turkey-vegetable soup, which you can eat for days and lose weight while eating it!  In fact, if you follow this link and log into my website, you will find Dr. Dale's Recovery and Rejuvenation Soup Recipe.  Use the leftover turkey as your protein in the soup and you will be on your way to a lot of quick, easy and healthy meals for days to come.

7. Follow these same general guidelines for the rest of your holiday meals and parties, then come the beginning of the year you will have maintained your weight or possibly even lost some.  What a great gift to yourself!  These tips are best printed out and put on your refrigerator for all your guests to read.  I hope this helps.  It certainly was fun for me.

Save with our Products of the Month Special

To support your decision to be prepared for infection season, we will be offering a 10% discount on all of the immune products listed on our Immune Protocols page, linked to in the Infection Season article above.  This offer is good until the end of November. 

This includes Immune Balancing Complex, MycoPotent Immune Complex, IgG2000 and Quantum Colostrum, Herbal Biotic, Vitamin D 4000 (or 5000), Humacel, ACS Nasal Spray, ParaBiotic Plus, ViraCon, Herbal Biotic, Saccharomycin and ProBioMax!

Additionally, for the month of December we will be offering our OmegaPure 900 EC in both 90 and 120 count bottles at 10% off.  I frequently offer special pricing on OmegaPure 900 EC, as it is the most predictable lifesaver of all our products and is something everyone needs. This is the highest quality product available and is very concentrated in EPA/DHA omega-3's, the key omegas to brain and heart health. 

Quote of the Month

"He who dares loses his footing for a time.  He who does not loses himself."


In Closing

I made it back from my 45th high school reunion in New Jersey, which was a fun and reflective time. It was also an event where "how people are doing" was the main topic of conversation.  It was interesting to see the significant degree of variation when it came to the obvious physical condition everyone was in. 

Unfortunately, some of our classmates were no longer with us, and the conversation was "What happened to ...."  In 3 cases there were old friends, all "fit", who each had died of a sudden heart attack.  It was sad, as these heart attacks would have been easy to prevent with just the proper amount of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and these good folks would have been able to attend and share and laugh with us.  

A wife of one of the deceased was there  They had been high school sweethearts who married after college and were still together until his sudden passing.  I thought of her often after the event, knowing that it didn't have to be this way.  

On the flip side I had a very touching conversation with another one of my classmates, who also happened to be married to his high school sweetheart.  When we met up he said, "You know you saved my life?"  I said, "Huh?"  He said, "Do you remember when I was sick and missed school for a week and you came by my apartment to see how I was doing?"  This student was living alone, as his parents had to relocate and he didn't want to leave our high school, so they let him stay.  He remembered that I had never been to his home before and never again afterwards, but I stopped by.  He was very sick and in his mind he believes to this day that he would have died had something not happened.  

Fortunately I told another classmate who lived nearby and who was close to him  He told his mother; she grabbed the small town doc and took him to my classmate's apartment. He was given the right medications and lived to tell me the story.  I thanked him for telling me, as I didn't realize at the time how important it was.  I am now planning to send him a note saying, "Please let's make sure you don't leave us early.  Take your Omega Pure 900 EC so I can save your life twice!"  I am sure he will listen to me and I truly hope you do also.  

Yours in Health, Dr. Dale

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