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I hope all is well with you and your loved ones during these unusual times. Below you will find some new aspects of our newsletter, our recipe of the month and product special of the month. I trust these will support you in being even healthier.

Dr. Dale on Vacation

Dr. Dale and Laurie are taking their fall trip north to Calistoga. My schedule for the week of Oct. 20th is: Mon. usual morning and afternoon hours; Tues. 2:30 - 6:00; Wed. 8:00 to 12:30. Gone, from 12:30 Wed. the 22nd through the end of the week. I will be back in the office with normal hours on Monday Oct. 27th.

Mercury or lead in your herbs?

The quality of your nutritional products is critical, which is made perfectly clear by a recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association a few months ago. The research was of 193 Ayurvedic herbal medicines (made in the U.S., Canada and India), which showed that about 1 out of 5, had detectable levels of lead, mercury and arsenic. The median levels of many of these herbs were higher than is considered safe by one or more public health standards, with alarming levels found in some products. The products from India were often those with the most alarming amounts.

To be honest, this report was not at all surprising to me. Most Americans are not aware that there is a tremendous variation of quality in nutritional and herbal products. Over my many years in practice I have been aware of numerous examples of the above report, even as severe as medications being laced into herbal products to create a specific effect (often one of providing an energy boost). Some of these products caused health problems for those taking them.

The companies I use provide products only to Licensed Health Care Practitioners. Most of these practitioners demand the highest quality products and would not tolerate this kind of finding in products they sell to patients. All of the companies I use, have very high standards for their products, checking the quality of all raw materials, in numerous, sophisticated ways.

Much of my time, when I am not in the clinic, is spent searching for the best possible products for my patients, from the best companies available. I know there are many products out there that "look" like they are as good as some of the products that I carry. Please trust me, if there is a better quality product than the one I am using, I will change to that product. For instance, there are many different Greens products out there, often less expensive than Nano-Greens, however, I have yet to see one that truly compares. Most are missing key ingredients that are essential for specific health benefits. I want only the best for my patient's and their loved ones.

Recipe of the Month!

Grated Beet Salad from Provence. This recipe is adapted from a wonderful cookbook author, Patricia Wells. The book is entitled Patricia Wells at Home in Provence. Of all the recipes in this book, this is the one, which I make most often.

This is a simple dish to make, and it is extremely healthy, particularly for your digestive system. It is possibly the single best dish you can make for the health of your Liver and Gall Bladder, and it tastes delicious. I have made it for many parties and it is always a big hit. This is a great recipe to make on a weekly basis.

Vinaigrette: 1 fresh garlic clove, peeled and minced; 1 Tbs. of imported Dijon mustard; 1 Tbs. organic red wine vinegar; fine sea salt to taste; 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil; freshly ground black pepper to taste. 1 pound fresh raw beets, grated, and 1 Tbs. of mixed fresh herbs, such as parsley or thyme. This can be simplified by skipping the garlic and herbs.

Whisk together the Garlic, Mustard, Vinegar, Salt, Olive Oil and Pepper. Grate the beets on a vegetable grater (larger holes), or with a food processor using the grating blade. Put the beets in a bowl, pour the vinaigrette on top, add the herbs, toss and serve. Voila, it's done, delicious and healthy.

P.S. the only caution with this dish is that if you eat too much of it, you may end up with loose bowels. Of course that also means it's great for patients who tend toward constipation.

Bio-Adreno Special!

Bio-Adreno for Blood Sugar Balance, Stress Resistance and Increased Vitality, is one of the most important products included in many of my patient's initial and long-term nutrition programs. This specific adrenal support product is the best I have found in my 24+ years of using adrenal products, and a very important product in supporting you in feeling better.

Adrenal support is critical for most people who have any kind of persistent health challenges or "normal", worse yet, high stress lives. The need for adrenal support is generally the result of long-term stress, the standard American diet, unhealthy weight loss/diets, nutritional depletion, prescription medications, or most commonly, some combination of the above.

Bio-Adreno is a concentrated glandular product, rich in all of the nutrients that the adrenal gland requires, it is from New Zealand cattle, carefully selected with quality and health in mind. Glandular products of this kind have a very long history of use by nutritional experts, and have withstood the test of time for their efficacy and safety. Glandular products, when processed correctly, always have a rich concentration of every nutrient the specific tissue requires for health, including nutrients that have yet to be discovered, or recognized for how important they are.

Humans have eaten the adrenal glands of animals, probably since our beginning. An interesting example is the Eskimo's, who quite possibly would never have survived if they hadn't eaten the adrenal glands of the animals they killed. Their diets were almost completely devoid of Vitamin C, a nutrient essential for life. However, they got their vitamin C from eating the adrenal glands, which use and store vitamin C.

This product can make a noticeable difference for many patients by providing steadier and increased energy levels, and by minimizing many symptoms of blood sugar imbalance that are common, (such as cravings, fatigue, light headedness, headaches, and weakness). It is also a frequent key for individuals with recurrent infections, injuries or pain. Bio-Adreno is designed to provide the nutrients for rebuilding and maintaining your adrenal gland health, which is necessary for long-term health to be attained. When your adrenals are performing optimally, you will just plain "feel better", adapt to stress better, and generally find it is easier to make healthy food choices.

Bio-Adreno, like most of the products I use, is well tolerated with very rare side effects.

Special Offer: From now until the end of the month, our featured product, Bio-Adreno, is available at a 15% discount, so stock up. If you have any further questions regarding the use of Bio-Adreno for yourself or for a loved one, please let us know.

Go Gaucho's!!!

The Gauchos Men's Soccer Team is a young bunch this year, with half the team being freshman. We are coming into the last 3 weeks of the regular season. This Friday (Oct.17th) at 8:00, you can catch them live on T.V., on the Fox Soccer channel, fighting Cal Poly in the College Soccer Game of the Week. This is expected to be the largest crowd in college soccer so far this year (possibly 10,000 fans at Cal Poly). The Gauchos have the largest attendance to date this year, at over 8,000 fans for their game at UCSB against Wake Forest.

The Gauchos last home game is Wed., Nov. 5th, again against Cal Poly, it is expected to be a very important game, and in support of the Gauchos and my patients, I will be giving away 50 FREE Tickets, starting Friday October 31st. So, call for your free tickets, and come on out and support our Gauchos.

Quote of the Month

"God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well." -Voltaire

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