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Finally, it looks like we have fall!  Once again great weather for outdoor fun, exercise and watching Gaucho Soccer. It's also that time of the year when the Santa Barbara Century Bike Event is fast upon me.  Yes, Oct. 20th, if all goes well I will be completing my 3rd SB Century! All prayers are appreciated.

Dr. Dale and Laurie Heading Out of Town!

We are headed to Tahoe for a fall getaway.  So, I will be In the Office Thursday morning (Oct. 11th), Out of the Office on Friday and Monday, then back in the Office all day Tues. Oct. 16th. Please call asap if you need to get in before I leave.

Also, if you need care while I am gone, be sure to see either Dr. Mark or Dr. Kara.

From Niko and Dr. Dale Re: Prop 37

I never truly understood the importance of a healthy diet until I started working for Dr. Dale.  Currently in my third term of chiropractic school, I've studied the bodies' systems and biochemical mechanisms in depth, and understand how malnutrition, even in its mildest form, can cause or predispose someone to any number of diseases and conditions.  The human body is an evolutionary marvel, and when given what it needs, is completely self-sustaining and self-healing.
Unfortunately, we are being exposed to new, man-made "foods" that were absent in the entirety of human history.  I'm referring to genetically modified (GM) foods that have been engineered at the genetic level to express certain commercially favorable characteristics. Some of these include being resistant to pesticides, produce proteins toxic to other organisms or even disrupt reproduction.  The concept initially seemed good to many, however the amount of testing done to ensure their safety for human consumption was grossly inadequate.  Americans have been eating GM foods since the mid 1990's, and we are just now beginning to see the devastating effects they have on the body.
A significant amount of research has been published over the last decade indicating that GM foods are not safe for consumption.  The most recent study, an article published inFood and Chemical Toxicology, found that rats fed an 11% diet of Roundup tolerant GM maize (corn), with and without pesticide residues, developed various hormone-related and sex-dependent pathologies over a two-year period.
"Female mortality was increased 200-300%, mostly secondary to large mammary tumors and disabled pituitary glands.  Males had liver congestions, necrosis, severe kidney damage and large palpable tumors."
The results of this study were enough for Russia to put an immediate ban on the import of all GM corn, while the EU has taken interest in the study as well.
Fortunately, this spike in attention could not have come at a better time.  For the first time in California's history, the voters will be able to decide if food containing GMO's should be labeled as such.  Proposition 37 could effectively begin to change the way Americans eat, as California is the most populous state and leads in agricultural production. 
Dr. Dale's note.
I'm proud to see Niko is taking an active role in promoting and protecting the health of others while he is still in school.  
I have always encouraged my patients to eat organic foods whenever possible.  Beyond organic is the critical need for all of us to know "what we are eating".  Current rules and regulations on GM foods are based on the concept that "you the consumer" are not fit to make this choice yourself, rather the politicians and government officials should do it for you. 
Of course their original choice to even make these foods legal, is considered by many one more serious threat from the food industry to The Health of All Americans.  So please Vote Yes on Prop 37, and give yourself the right to make that choice for yourself and your family.
For those of you who don't know, Niko was our Office Manager before he left for Chiropractic school last year. 
For more information on GM foods or Proposition 37, please click the following:

Bio-Adreno - Product of the Month!

Bio-Adreno for Blood Sugar Balance, Stress Resistance and Increased Vitality
Bio-Adreno is one of our most popular products in the clinic.  It is the best adrenal support product I have found in my 28+ years of using adrenal products, and a very important product in supporting you in feeling noticeably better. 
Adrenal support is critical for most people who have any kind of persistent health challenges.  The need for this support is generally the result of either: long-term stress, the standard American diet, frequent dieting, nutritional depletion, prescription medications, or most commonly, a combination of more than one of the above.
I choose Bio-Adreno for my patient's based on either a specific symptom pattern, or through tests we do in our initial examination.
Bio-Adreno is a concentrated glandular product, rich in all of the nutrients that the adrenal gland requires.  The source comes from New Zealand cattle, carefully selected with quality and health in mind.  Glandular products of this kind have a very long history of use by nutritional experts, and have withstood the test of time for their efficacy and safety.  Additionally, glands used as food/nutritional sources were critical to the survival of many indigenous people. 
This product can make a noticeable difference for many patients by providing steadier, increased energy levels, or by minimizing common symptoms of blood sugar imbalance  (i.e. cravings, fatigue, light-headedness, headaches, weakness).  It is also beneficial for patients that experience recurrent infections, injuries or pain.  Bio-Adreno is designed to provide the nutrients for rebuilding your adrenal glands, which is necessary for long-term health to be accomplished.  When the adrenals are performing optimally, you will just plain feel better, adapt to stress better, and generally find it is easier to make healthy food choices.
Dosage of Bio-Adreno most commonly begins at two for breakfast and two for lunch with none at dinner. The length of time Bio-Adreno is used, depends on how good your diet is over time, your specific symptoms profile, and your stress levels.  Bio-Adreno like most of the products I use, is well tolerated with very rare side effects.
As our "product of the month", Bio-Adreno will be available when you buy 2 or more at a 10% discount, until the end of October. 

If you have any further questions regarding the use of Bio-Adreno for yourself or for a loved one, please let us know.

Quotes of the Month

"Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose--a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye."    Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

We have the opportunity to choose who our children's parent will be."   unknown

In Closing

I am continually impressed with how dedicated and successful my patients can be at following a plan that "creates a life of vitality and wellbeing".  Even young teenagers and college age patients who in the midst of a challenging time with regards to peer pressure, make consistent, healthy choices and fortunately receive the benefits of those choices.  
During my ride up Gibraltar today, I was reflecting on one such college student who has done so well, and the foundation that she is building for a lifetime of health and wellness. I was grateful for my role in her process, but more importantly touched that she will use what she has learned in a way that will make a huge difference in her own life, and most likely the life of the family she will raise down the road. 



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