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With the onset of our fall season, the benefits are those gloriously clear blue-sky days that are part of my favorite Santa Barbara weather.  I hope you are taking advantage of these gorgeous days by spending more time outdoors exercising or having fun with family and friends. 

Unfortunately, this year also represents dramatically changing weather, and so a word of warning: the pattern of sudden changes from cooler to hot or vice versa, are stressful to our systems and can increase your risk of infection. 

Thusly these past couple of weeks we've seen an upturn in new infections.  Please beware and be prepared by having your immune protocol on hand just in case.  So far, all has gone well for those who are right on top of it.  

This month I have an article on a new and innovative immune product that will make a big difference in strengthening immunity and building greater resistance, while at the same time decreasing "leaky gut" associated problems. So be sure to read the article below on IG 26 DF. 

Also, please remember you can always reach out to me via email if you have any health related questions for yourself or your family.

Infection Prevention

Just like the UCSB men's soccer team, you need to ramp up your defense this (cold and flu) season.  We have an exciting new infection-prevention protocol for those who want to have their immune system strengthened and on high alert for the predictable onslaught of new bugs coming our way.  UCSB's defense is improving, now let's make sure yours is also.

There are basically 3 ways that people DON'T get infections.  (1) They are hibernated away from any new exposures.  Obviously, this is a very small group of individuals. (2) Their immune system and overall resistance is so strong they don't get infections.  (3) They are aggressive about doing what they can to strengthen their immune resistance.

If you get infections and you want to do all you can to prevent them, so you become one of the third group above, then this protocol is for you.  In general it will also enhance your overall health and increase the strength and response of your immune system. 

This is a New Infection Prevention Protocol, that includes Immune Balancing Complex (a comprehensive nutrient, herbal, glandular combo), a new and exciting immune product IG 26 (a natural antibiotic specific to 26 pathogenic bacteria, please read the article below) and a new homeopathic for Colds and Flu's.  This combination works on your immune system and resistance from 3 different angles; the nutrient-herbal-glandular approach, the natural antibiotic side and the energetic level via our new homeopathic.  I expect this to be very effective.  Additionally, if you are doing this combo for prevention and you happen to come down with a bug, the full throttle protocol just involves ramping up all three of these as directed below. 

Infection Prevention Protocol (Click Here to Download the detailed version)
Immune Balancing Complex: 3 at breakfast
IG 26:  One scoop per day, shaken in water, or mixed in with your Nano-Greens, or any Meal replacement product we use at the clinic.
Our new SafeCare Rx Cold and Flu Homeopathic:  Spray 3 pumps into your mouth in the a.m.  It is very important that you do not have any food, drink, or anything else put into your mouth for 10 minutes before or after you take this. 

If you start to come down with any cold or flu symptoms while following the above protocol, immediately increase your dosage to:
Immune Balancing Complex to 4/4/4 with meals
Ig26: One scoop in the morning and one in the evening, 
Cold and Flu Homeopathic: 3 sprays, 6x/day until you are 50% better, then 3 sprays, 3x/day.
Increase your Vitamin D 5000 from one per day to 3 capsules, 3x's per day for 3 days, this provides a stimulus to your immune system.

Additionally, you can send me an email specifically letting me know what your symptoms are and I will let you know if you need any other support.

IG 26 DF - Creative Nutrition at its Best

IG 26 DF is a new and innovative product that was designed as an immune enhancement product.  It also has benefits for cardiovascular health, muscle performance and recovery, leaky gut problems and very likely autoimmune problems. 

The ingredient in this product is purely egg yolk.  However, this is not your ordinary egg yolk.  IG 26 is from "hyperimmune egg," and the hyperimmune aspect is all focused in the yolk.  

Basically, the chickens that produce these eggs are raised very healthy and then exposed to 26 different strains of bacteria that are problematic for us humans: numerous different strains of strep, staph and e. coli.  The natural antibodies to these bacteria are concentrated in the yolk to pass on to the next generation.  This is far better than an antibiotic as it does not destroy the good bacteria, only the bad bacteria.  In fact the good guys increase in numbers due to the decrease in their common enemies, the bad guys.  

The greatest benefits from this product are from long term use, restoring and maximizing the health of our intestinal tract, our microbiome and therefore our immune system. 

IG 26 is a powder, mixed in water or another product that is a powder, such as our Nanogreens, or one of our meal replacement powders like OptiCleanse or BrainSustain. 

This product can be used by anyone who wants a stronger immune system, a decrease in sensitivity to foods they have become sensitive to, or a reduction in autoimmune conditions.  Also, research on athletes shows enhanced muscle performance and recovery. Lastly research has shown improved cardiovascular lipid profiles.  It is suitable for anyone who doesn't have an egg yolk allergy.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding IG 26 DF for yourself or a family member.

Cold and Flu Season Preparedness and Protocols

Our season actually began just before school started this year, with a spike in the number of new infections.  The good news is twofold:  1. It has not ramped up too high so far, and 2. Our protocols, when used properly, are getting the job done quite efficiently. 

Those who were prepared and jumped into action at the first sign of an infection were able to stop it in its tracks!  With more and more of our patients well trained, the last 2 years yielded the easiest cold and flu seasons that I can remember.  The key to this kind of success is to be prepared!  That means having the products from Dr. Dale's Immune Protocols on hand to start taking at the first sign of an infection.  This is the most important step you can take to minimize the chances of any infection really setting you back.

Better yet:  If you want to maximize your resistance to getting sick at all, follow my Infection Prevention Protocol mentioned above.
In the past couple of years, our most challenging infections have been sinus infections.  If you think you're getting a sinus infection, begin the Immune Protocol right away and call to get in for an appointment ASAP so I can figure out which protocol is going to work best for you.

Here is my  Immune Refrigerator Page so it's easy to know what to do right away. Please be sure to open the attachment, print it out and place it on your refrigerator. Then take advantage of our Products of the Month Special below, which gives you a discount on all the products you will want to have on hand so you can be prepared.  

One additional tool:  For those who want to use every possible approach to decreasing your risk of infection, we have had great success using our PEMF system to boost the immune system and stop infections in record time.  

Warning!  Do not stop your infection protocol prematurely.  Oftentimes when you get on top of an infection right away, you can feel like you are all better within a few days.  However, even though you have no symptoms, the bugs are still hanging around; it's just that your immune system is winning the battle.  Stopping your protocol too soon can allow the infection to come back with a vengeance and often the second round is harder than the first to get on top of.  So, I continue your protocol for at least 2 weeks of being symptom free before stopping it.

Products of the Month Special:  Immune Balancing Complex, IG 26 DF, King Bio's Cold & Flu Homeopathic

Buy any of the above products and you get a 10% savings. 

Buy 2 or more of any one product, or all 3, and you get a 15% savings!  
This offer is good until Nov. 11.

Omega MonoPure: The Latest Technology in Fish Oil

The importance of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to our health can't be stressed enough. High quality fish oil is one of the most critical health enhancing supplements one can take. This single product, when taken at the right dosage, can save more lives than any other product. 

Fish oils provide numerous functions necessary for maintaining mental, cardiovascular and metabolic health. I have used various forms of fish oils rich in EPA and DHA throughout my practice, always seeking to find the highest quality product available. For the last few years that product has been OmegaPure 900 EC, an iFOS five-star-certified fish oil. The iFOS certification ensures the world's highest standards for purity, potency and freshness, which is critical when it comes to fish oil. Sourced in Scandinavia, this form of fish oil is certified non-GMO, sustainable and antibiotic free.

Our very exciting news is that a new form of iFOS-certified fish oil represents a significant advancement in absorption technology, making this high quality fish oil even better. Using the same 5-star certified fish oil, Omega MonoPure incorporates a patented lipid absorption technology called MaxSimil. Basically this changes the form of the fats, making EPA and DHA smaller and simpler. Doing so allows them to bypass the body's normal fat digestion process so they are more easily and readily absorbed. 

Studies show that Omega MonoPure fish oils have at least 2 times greater absorption of EPA and DHA compared to other leading fish oils. In addition to reaching greater concentrations in the body, it does so faster and maintains the plasma levels longer. Because MonoPure is so efficient in providing EPA and DHA, a lower dosage can be used to achieve the same or better effects. For many of my patients this will mean they only need to take one capsule per day instead of two. 

The research on this new product also confirms that capsule for capsule, this form of fish oil is more potent in its ability to inhibit growth of cancer cells in colon, breast, lung and prostate tissues in lab studies. In animal studies, it has been shown to be superior to other forms of fish oil and krill oil at inhibiting the growth of diseased cell lines. 

One of my most trusted suppliers, Xymogen, has the exclusive distribution rights to this new form of fish oil, Omega MonoPure. Due to its enhanced absorption, lower cost per daily dose and increased convenience, I will be encouraging ALL my patients to switch over to this form. Please check with me as to which dosage is right for you.

Quote of the Month

Sow a thought, and you reap an act;
sow an act, and you reap a habit;
sow a habit, and you reap a character;
sow a character, and you reap a destiny.

Samuel Smiles (1812-1904), English Biographer

In Closing

Warning, the holiday season, is coming on quickly.  Yep, it's just 6 weeks away!  Taking great care of yourself now will make this fall and your holidays a much happier and healthier time.  Us this as motivation for making use of the many healthy habits you have learned. 

Yours in Health, Dr. Dale

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