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Anxiety, Anger and ADD

Our teen was constantly struggling with symptoms of ADD, poor social skills, anxiety, anger outbursts and poor impulse control. We tried everything; diet, medication, different schools and different parenting programs, but nothing worked. We were out of patience and felt so defeated in trying to help him. We felt hopeless. Dr Dale’s approach was hopeful and we were willing to try anything to help our teen. We could not believe the change of behavior we saw. When he didn’t explode over something small, almost instantly was able to read social cues differently and started to make friends, he became more active and engaged with our family. It was amazing! We stay in close contact with Dr. Dale to make sure we are always letting him know if anything changed but life has been so much more peaceful and enjoyable for our whole family since we have done the NF! My other kids are begging to do it for themselves as they have seen such an impact from their brother!