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Immune Enhancement and Memory Recovery

It was the sixth day lying on my couch feeling sick. This was a yearly sickness that could last for weeks sometimes more. My front door was open, and I could see my friend jog past my yard. A desire so deep welled up inside of me. A desire to be well, and to be healthy, like my friend. I was going to get better. I was not going to live my life being sick and isolated.  My friend guided me to Dr. Dale, and there everything changed. 

I took the supplements he prescribed and followed his diet and I watched in wonder, as I not only got well, but that months went by and I didn’t get sick. Then the months turned into years.  I watched in gratitude as I realized that I too had a working immune system. After all of these years, someone understood what was going on with my body and helped me.

After 3 years of healthy living, I decided I wanted to make another change.  The doctors I saw before Dr. Dale had prescribed medications that I no longer wanted and felt were no longer necessary.

Slowly I was able to get off some of them.  However, when I tried to get off the last one, the side effects of the withdrawal affected me so strongly that I thought I would have to stop working. Memory loss, confusion, balance problems, and language impairment made me think I needed to hire someone to help me get through the day. I’m a teacher, and I knew I was in deep trouble when I found out I taught the same material twice. Even going back on the medication didn’t help, and I found out through my research that the symptoms don’t necessarily go away.

I saw Dr. Dale and told him what was happening, and how terrified I was. 

He recommended that I do neurofeedback, so we started right away with both traditional neurofeedback and LENS.  Within a week it was like the cobwebs in my brain were blown away!  Simple tasks became easier like remembering where my keys were and finding the words I needed when talking.  I felt competent. I didn’t have to quit my job.  As a matterof fact, I was thinking I could work longer than I needed to. I was so lucky to have met Dr. Dale