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Migraine Free and So Much More

I am a 35 year old woman and used to suffer with migraine headaches since I was about 18 years old.  I tried using various types of medication and vitamins and was not able to get rid of them.  The migraines were frequent and would last three days or more.

Through the years, the migraines were getting worse and lasting longer.  So I started seeing the neurologist.  He prescribed some medicine to prevent migraines.  This helped some, but the side effects were fatigue and foggy thinking.  

After about 3 months of using this medication, the migraines started up again.  I was in such pain that I was willing to try anything.  My friend, who was seeing Dr. Dale, told me about how wonderful he was and that he helped people with migraines.  So I decided to see him.

I started my program with Dr. Dale in November 2006.  My symptoms at that time, besides the severe migraines, were neck soreness, light headedness, low back pain, fatigue, weight gain and acne.  But I just wanted the migraines to go away or at least to be less frequent.  That was all that really mattered to me.  

Dr. Dale not only told me that he would help me with the migraines, but with all my other symptoms and that my acne would clear up and I would lose weight.  I really liked the part of losing weight.  At that time I weighed 142 pounds and was a size 8.  But again, I just didn’t want to feel anymore pain.

I did exactly as he told me.  My eating habits changed; I am eating healthy and now I know what causes my migraines.  Today, I feel great and full of energy.  I am happy to say that I have not had a migraine for approximately 6 months, I weigh 122 pounds (awesome, I haven’t been that weight in years) and the acne has cleared up, thanks to Dr. Dale.  

After so many years of feeling that no doctor could help me, feeling so miserable, I decided to finally do something.  It is so true; a lot of our health problems are a result of the foods we eat.  Sometimes we excuse ourselves and are too busy blaming our health on other things, but if we truly want to feel better, we need to stop making excuses and do something about it.  I did and I am glad I did.  It is all well worth it.  I truly recommend Dr. Dale to everyone.  I am so grateful to him.  Thank you Dr. Dale!