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Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Our 9-year-old son began experiencing severe anxiety when he was in 1st grade.  Things that had been enjoyable for him before became triggers, leading to full-blown panic attacks that would quickly spiral out of control.  He stopped playing sports and sometimes missed entire school days due to panic attacks.

For two years, we tried cognitive-behavioral therapy, play-based therapy, talked to his pediatrician and saw a psychiatrist. We developed a plan with his school to help ease his transitions in the morning.  Reluctantly, we even tried medication.  We were not seeing much progress, we felt helpless.  It seemed like the kid we knew was slipping away.

When we met with Dr. Dale, he answered our questions and addressed our concerns.  After performing a QEEG, he showed us the map of our son’s brain. The map confirmed that he was living in a heightened state of anxiety most of the time, even being on medication for anxiety.

Within 3 weeks of beginning treatments, we began to see some significant changes.  He was spending more time in class; one morning he even asked if I would drop him off early! He began asking to go to friends’ houses and riding his bike to school with the neighborhood kids.  At home, his fear of darkness or being alone in a room has dramatically reduced. He even joined a lacrosse team and has become one of their star players!  Seeing his joy return to the things that he loves is such a relief! It’s like we have our child back!