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Thinner Plus Medication- and Pain-Free

I want to share my story with you so that others who have forgotten how good it feels to be their real size can benefit from my experience.

I am a 57-year-young woman who went through menopause in my early forties, which seemed to begin a steady weight gain trend that stabilized and remained with me until I met up with Dr. Dale and his weight loss program.

I have always been an active individual — belong to a gym, go kayaking, hiking and biking. I even spent two seasons in 1999 and 2000 training and competing in outrigger canoeing, exercising strenuously several times a week.  I became more fit, but never lost a pound. Now I look back and wonder how I was able to lift myself from the water into the canoe at my heaviest weight of over 180 lbs.?!?

Besides adapting to a matronly size 16 body, I experienced a great deal of arthritis-type pain, and for years took a supplement called Collastin, as well as Celebrex, to help me get through each day.  I kept up my activity, but at times it was an incredibly painful struggle!

When I began Dr. Dale’s weight loss program, I thought, “Maybe I can do this a step at a time,” and sure enough, I have!  Dr. Dale’s accessibility and support made all the difference, and seeing such fast results and feeling great while doing the program motivated me to stick with it.  It’s been an exciting process, learning intentional eating and creating new habits that will last a lifetime.

I lost over 40 pounds in four months, going from that size 16 to size 6 in my clothing. (I’ve lost track of the inches!) I had to purchase a few “halfway” clothes and could not believe it when the size 10 pants were falling off of me!

The people I work with are absolutely amazed at the change in my appearance, and friends whom I had not seen for months are blown away!  They say losing the weight makes me look at least 10 years younger, and the absolute best part of my weight loss is that I have quit taking the medications for arthritis, and feel pain free and better than I have felt in fifteen years!

I am now at my flying weight, even lower, actually, than I was as a flight attendant in my twenties and had to maintain less than 135 pounds to keep my job.  With my renewed self-confidence, I have even ventured into the realm of dating, which I hadn’t done for several years.  Whether or not I meet “Mr. Right-for-Me,” I am moving much more easily on the (Salsa!) dance floor and getting more out of life each day!

Dr. Dale, thank you so much!