Well-Being and Weight Loss

Well-Being and Weight Loss

My first encounter with the wonders of what Dr. Dale provides in weight loss and healthy living came from seeing 2 acquaintances of mine. I had not seen either of these women in a while and was amazed at what I saw. Not only had they lost weight, but they had such a healthy glow about them. These women are not acquainted with each other; it was just coincidence that they both were seeing Dr. Dale.

I had quit smoking and quickly put on 25+ pounds.  On top of the weight gain I was also experiencing high incidences of fatigue, loss of sleep, very bad PMS symptoms and overall not feeling good.  I attempted to exercise but seriously had a hard time even getting out of bed some days.  This was crazy, as I thought quitting smoking was supposed to make me feel better.

I went to see Dr. Dale and was so impressed with what he had to say.  His promises of losing weight AND feeling better.  I was a little skeptical but after trying to diet and seeing my regular physician, getting blood tests to finding nothing clinically wrong with me I figured why not?

I started my program with Dr. Dale in August of 2002.  I’m 5 feet, 4 inches tall, I weighed 167 lbs and was a size 14.  I chose my personal goal weight at 140 lbs. Dr. Dale suggested I could reach 130-135 if I wanted to.  I thought there was no way!  Today I am a size 2 and at my ideal weight of 123 lbs! I have more energy than I know what to do with!  I play tennis 5 days a week, run 4 miles 3 times a week, mountain bike and swim, and still have energy to burn!  I now get by with 7 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, instead of sleeping 9 or 10 hours and waking up exhausted.

I have been at my current weight for over 18 months and have had no trouble staying there. I eat a lot, but very healthy. Rarely do I have cravings for sweets or carbohydrates. I do not get the hunger jitters anymore and actually crave vegetables!

I am so grateful for this healthy choice offered to me by Dr. Dale. I feel my life has been transformed. I encourage anyone to take the step it is well worth it!

Thanks Dr. Dale! 

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