About Dr. Dale

“Dr. Dale,” as his patients refer to him, has studied health, diet and nutrition extensively for over 45 years.  What began as a side interest in 1975 evolved into a professional quest with his beginning chiropractic college in 1980.  He has used diet, clinical nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits as the foundation of his holistic approach to health for the 36 years he has been in practice. 

He has taught over 50 seminars on clinical nutrition to over 3,000 healthcare practitioners, as well as assisted over 100 doctors in resolving their personal health issues and weight challenges.  He has taught for the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health. 

Dr. Dale has worked with patients on Healthy Weight Loss since 1984.  He works with patients with a vast array of symptoms and conditions, and especially prides himself in assisting patients in reversing chronic health challenges that have not responded to other forms of therapy.  His primary focus is assisting patients in creating a lifetime of wellness with vitality and longevity.

Dr. Dale’s approach begins with gathering a thorough history on each and every patient.  This is followed by an examination.  This consultation and examination provide Dr. Dale and the patient with a clear picture of where they are starting, while at the same time clarifying what the underlying causes of the patient’s problems are.  

Then, Dr. Dale takes a step that few health practitioners rarely include, which is to clarify what the patient’s health goals are.  Many patients have never been asked this question, and it is a very important step in understanding what course of action will best suit them.

Once Dr. Dale has a clear picture of where you are starting and where you want to get to, he outlines a straightforward path for getting you there.  This path can include many different pieces or just a few simple steps, depending on the underlying causes of your problems and the goals you have chosen.  Dr. Dale then provides you with simple tools that you use in your daily life to assist you in attaining ever increasing levels of health. 

The last key ingredients to your program are support and “active caring”.  We all need caring support to complement a doctor’s expertise and to help us attain our most important goals. We pride ourselves in supporting you in every way possible, ensuring that you reach your optimal level of health.  

With all the above in place—you doing your part, and Dr. Dale and staff doing theirs—you should notice improvement in your health quite quickly.  By addressing the causes of your health challenges, creating a healthy lifestyle, and following through with your program, you will be amazed at how much improvement you can notice and the positive changes in your quality of life.