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IG 26 DF & ProbioMax IG 26 DF – Creative Nutrition at its Best

IG 26 DF and ProbioMax IG 26 DF are innovative products that were designed for immune enhancement.  They also provide benefits for cardiovascular health, muscle performance and recovery, leaky gut problems and very likely autoimmune problems. 

The ingredient in these products is purely egg yolk.  However, this is not your ordinary egg yolk.  IG 26 is from “hyper-immune eggs,” and the hyper-immune aspect is all focused in the yolk.

Basically, the chickens that produce these eggs are raised very healthy and then exposed to 26 different strains of bacteria that are problematic for us humans: numerous different strains of Strep, Staph and E. coli.  The natural antibodies to these bacteria are concentrated in the yolk to pass on to the next generation.  This is far better than prescription antibiotics as they do not destroy the good bacteria, only the bad bacteria.  In fact, the good guys increase in numbers due to the decrease in their common enemies, the bad guys.  

The greatest benefits from these products are from long-term use, restoring and maximizing the health of our intestinal tract, our microbiome and therefore our immune system. IG 26 DF is a powder, mixed with water or another product that is a powder, such as our Nanogreens, or one of our meal replacement powders like OptiCleanse or BrainSustain. 

This product can be used by anyone who wants a stronger immune system, a decrease in sensitivity to foods they have become sensitive to, or a reduction in autoimmune conditions. Also, research on athletes shows enhanced muscle performance and recovery. Lastly, research has shown improved cardiovascular lipid profiles.  It is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have an egg yolk allergy.

Our ProbioMax IG 26 DF is a capsule version, which we more commonly use for support as part of our Cold and Flu Protocol.  This product has an additional ingredient that is a single strain Probiotic.  

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our IG 26 products for yourself or a family member.